Facts about cinema-Cinema has been the biggest source of entertainment for centuries and we people watch movies not only to entertain ourselves but also to have something new.

We have always a big curiosity about the stars and their life and if we find any kind of information about them, we feel like we have got something very big and special.

What if we tell about some hidden information about cinema! Do you want to know them eagerly? We think you are making a big agreeable point so we should tell you that we are going to discuss some hidden information of cinema which people generally do not know.

Theatres maybe said as the dream of most of the people because some of us are still dreaming to watch a movie in the theatre. It is like they think theatre as a big deal and they suppose that if they go to the theatre once in their life, their dream will be fulfilled.

The people who almost go to theatre and theatre is just a theatre for them may be surprised to listen to the above-mentioned thing but believe us this is true.

To watch a blockbuster movie on the big screen is still imagine as a big dream for some people because they have not seen a theatre yet. We are mentioning this fact here because we want to let you know about the importance of theatre but anyway let it go because we have to discuss a particular topic with you.

So what we are going to discuss with you is that we will tell you some hidden facts of cinema which you generally don’t know and they are going to surprise you. 

So let’s see the facts about cinema you didn’t know

  • The way to earn the profit by movies

facts about cinema you didn't know

Most of us think that Cinemas get profited by selling the tickets of movies but will you please don’t mind if we say something else than that? 

Yes, we must say something else because there’s a big illusion in the factor of profit. Cinemas do not get a big amount of profit by selling the tickets only but they get a big amount of their profit by selling popcorn, cold drinks and pizza.

This is a common thing which we should understand because we can genuinely think about that. Have you not ever thought why we are not allowed to have our own snacks and cold drinks in cinemas? 

If you do not have done anything like this then we recommend you to do this at once. You can just simply think about the profit of Cinemas as they get a big amount of their profit by selling popcorn, pizza and cold drinks rather selling the tickets.

  • The recent release movie on your own mobile or laptop

If any blockbuster movie is released and we plan to go to the cinema hall to watch that but unfortunately the conditions go against us and we are unable to go there, what is the thing you decide to do then?

The answer is very simple is that we download the movie from the Internet. Although the print of that movie is not very clear and HD still we want to watch that. Do you know it’s a kind of cinema crime which we do unintentionally?

Yes, there is a type of security against the piracy of any movie. In USA special people are hired who check the people whether they have a camera with them or not. Anybody contains camera is not allowed to go inside the cinema hall because it is strictly prohibited to capture screenshots or to record the whole movie.

The people who are hired for the security system are paid more than $500. Totally We can see that these people have a good system of the source of their income and they can have dinner in the five-star hotels easily.

  • They allow the younger people or kids to watch the adult stuff

To have the profits, cinema is allowing the young people or kids to watch the adult stuff.

Yes, this is not what exactly our society needs but it is still going on. The people who are selling the tickets and the people who are hired to check the people whether they have tickets with them or not do allow people sometimes without checking.

They even don’t care as if there are children who are going to see the adult stuff because they have to take the profit.

This is another secret manner of having profit in the world of cinema which we most of the times do not know.

  • They use our emotions like an advertisement

You guys must have heard many stories of cinemas. Sometimes we hear about some unique facts which attract our attention for the cinemas. 

We know that you are not getting our point so just get it by an example. Have you people ever heard about the horror movie Exorcist? It is said that this is the most horrible movie of that era 1980s. The story about Exorcist was like that the people who had gone to watch this movie had to suffer from the heart attack and sometimes death. 

Totally it was said that the movie was so horrible that one could not dare to watch it easily. Yes, we were talking about such kinds of stories. Do you know these are nothing more than the advertisement to attract attention for cinema and for this they use our emotions?

  • When people bring their snacks with them

It is totally prohibited to take your snacks with you while going to the cinema hall but sometimes people are seen not to be in following off this rule.

Many times people are found to have their snacks with them in a cinema hall. Sometimes security guard and sometimes cameras catch them.

  • When people prefer 2D to 3D

The thing which makes us be surprised is that when we see someone having 2D instead of 3D. So the reason behind choosing a 2D movie rather 3D is that people want to be in a comfortable situation. While watching a 3D movie with 3D glasses people may face some discomfort.

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  • Who can help you if there is a problem with the picture

Do you think that you will be helped by a projection as if you find any problem in the picture? No this is not exactly what you think because you are going to be helped by the staff as they are supposed to help you with that particular problem.

  • The nights of garbage

It is very hard to clean cinema halls because there is a complicated system of arranging the chairs so we are supposed to make the cinema halls as clean as we want.

Believe us you can find the garbage in the morning of Sundays and Saturdays because most of the people go to enjoy a movie in Fridays or Saturdays night so if you want to be peaceful in the cinema hall try some other day for your enjoyment.

  • When the theatre is transformed into a wrestling area

Yes, people who go to a theatre to enjoy a movie not only clap or whistle while the movie but also they can fight if there is any kind of thing which they don’t like.

This may seem like what you do not know but this is the reality. People often fight while a movie if there is any kind of image or dialogue which seems against them.

  • Someone is watching you while you are enjoying the movie

If you are going to the theatre with your lover and you think that you will do some naughty deeds with your partner there and no one would know about that then we must say that you are not so right.

Believe us, there are cameras who’s centre you maybe so if you are going with your partner just be careful a little bit.