Who doesn’t love shopping during the holiday season? Various deals and discounts are running around at this time of the year. Today we will talk about earrings and how to get the best deals on them.

Earrings are something that can complete the overall look of a woman, whether she wears western or ethnic or casuals. There are a lot of options to choose from depending upon the look you are trying to achieve, but bear in mind you have to choose the earrings which not only match your outfit but also your face.

Styles of Earrings

1. Stud Earrings

These are classical-style earrings. It’s mainly a single stone or design which does not go beyond the ear lobe. These types of earrings mainly do well with both semi and fully formal outfits and especially if you are someone with an oval facial geometry.

2. Hoop Earrings

This type of earrings is available in various circumferences and widths, making them an attractive option for almost every type of woman. These earrings are also heavy so it’s best to just pair them with a boat-neck or strapless necklines or off shoulders.

Some Special Exclusive Earrings

1. Shungite Earrings

Shungite is a rare earth stone found in the Shunga Village in Russia. It’s deep black and is made up of carbon. Usually, Shungite earrings are affordable and paired with silver or platinum lines and sometimes with diamonds too. Since there is no other stone similar to Shungite, it’s an exclusive special earrings type that will surely turn some heads. Shungite also has some healing properties and in medieval times it was used to purify water too. Shungite is also known to reduce oxidative stress caused by harmful rays of the sun. Shungite stone looks beautiful when worn with light casual or semi-formal outfits and best goes with people of medium build. Shungite earrings can also be mixed and matched to work with diamonds or other fancy colored stones to bring about an exclusive look.

2. Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst stone is a purple variety of quartz that is found mainly in southern and northern America and Africa. An amethyst earring can help you distinguish yourself from others as the color of the stone is a rare one with no other stone exhibiting similar color or texture. Amethyst has some healing properties too. Some cultures believe that amethyst can reduce stress and provide comfort and relief. It is also believed to make the mind calm and clear the air of the surrounding negative energy. The Greeks also believed that amethyst can help a person control intoxication, but that was a myth. Amethyst earrings go best with silver or gold lines but can also be mixed and matched with platinum too. Amethyst signifies a sense of purity, so wearing an amethyst earring will significantly boost your morale and help in spreading positivity.

Some Additional Accessories for Maintenance of Jewelry

Wooden container with abundance of colorful beads and elastic cord for making bracelet placed on glass table in light room1. Something to store the earrings

Nothing is better than a jewelry box to store items of jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. A jewelry box is like a haven and proves quite useful, especially in times of need. Earrings and rings are specifically very small items and can get lost very easily, having them in a jewelry box ensures peace of mind.

Also, keep in mind to separately keep all the pieces of jewelry inside the box chambers so that they don’t get scratched and damaged. Buy a soft-lined jewelry box for the best possible care.

2. Something to clean

A good microfiber cloth(not the cheap one) should be able to clean most earrings and other pieces of jewelry. What’s important is the microfiber count, the more the better. Also check if the texture of the cloth is soft or coarse, you will need a soft textured one to clean your jewelry.

3. Special Care

Do not forget to wear off items of jewelry while cooking or near industrial areas, as these are certain areas where you work with heat and chemical fumes which can be harmful to your jewelry.