Check Out What Your Fingers Say About Your Personality


Type B – The lower half of your thumb is more significant than the upper half

You are the humble person with the profoundly rooted origins and humbleness. You always remain content, calm, and more significantly you are considerate. The things for which you promise, you still fulfil them. You are not the one who promises something but never completes them. Small things matter a lot in your life as you find joy and peace in them. The items make you feel grateful, and hence you are a gentle person. You always think of having the higher ideas and never forget from where you came. You still fulfil your duties on time and help others to reach their goals. You are a wealthy person not from money but your heart and love for others.

Type C – Both the halves are of equal size

You people always live a balanced life. You are a kind person who always tries to solve the disputes between to people and seek the balance in the middle of the ground. It is a statement that people say you want equilibrium in the life. You get quickly driven by the yin-yang theory of the experience. Also according to the thoughts of the people for every ugly, you would find a beautiful; for every bad, you would see a good; and for every setback, you would find another way ahead. You are the someone worth emulating. You built the spiritual, physical, and the emotional harmony.

Type D – Flexible

You people readily adapt to the changing conditions. No matter what are the situations around you always remain calm and face them. It is not difficult for you to understand others and keep in mind for the well being of other people. You have the power to change the opinions of other people as well. You keep on changing the facts and make them easy to understand for others. With all these things you also have the flexible thoughts in your mind. You can also change your attitude towards some people or your work for achieving the best goals in your life. This quality of switching position is sporadic in people, and hence these people are under the particular kind.

 Type E – Inflexible thumb

The personality of such kind of people is dominant and stubborn. You always stand for the promises you made and still stick to your words. You are very flexible with your work, but you are inflexible with your goals and feelings towards something. One can quickly trust this person and rely on them to make decisions. Your stubborn nature is very good but till you make the good ideas and decisions, not for the bad one.