Check Out What Your Fingers Say About Your Personality


Cold reading refers to the deducing someone’s personality and future by studying their hands. It is quite impressive even if not 100% accurate and makes for a great conversation starter or party trick.

  1. A Straight Finger

If you have a straight finger, it means you are a strong, independent person who is open to new ideas and opportunities. You are quite sensitive and honest, but you do not like to wear your heart on the sleeves.

  1. A Pointed Finger

If you have a pointed finger, it symbolises an artistic, faithful person who is persistent in getting what he wants.

  1. Big Knuckled Finger

If you have big, knuckled fingers, it denotes that you are not a risk-taker who likes to take the safe way every single time. You hate hurting people with your actions.

  1. “Fire” Hand

If you have a fire hand, it means you are a born leader who can do anything to get what he wants. You are a quick decision maker, and you are quite stubborn.