Check Out What Your Fingers Say About Your Personality

  1. “Earth” Hand

If you have an earth hand, it symbolises that you are a trustworthy, sensible person who loves to take responsibility. You have a calm demeanour, and you are good with practical skills like landscaping and woodworking.

  1. “Air” Hand

If you have an air hand, it denotes that you are an intelligent person who loves to over-think and possess impeccable communication skills. You are good at writing and teaching.

  1. “Water” Hand

If you have a water hand, you have an active imagination with a romantic heart. You are open-minded and yet, delicate. You love music, poetry, and mystery. Your calling lies in charity and spirituality.

  1. Another “A” Finger Means:

If you have another A finger, it means that you have a charismatic, flirty personality. You are high on confidence, and you love taking risks. You are cut-out for a soldier, salesperson, or CEO.