What your fingers say about your personality? Many of your behaviors and things are related to your personality. But have you ever heard that your fingers are equally capable of telling you some of your personality traits? It may sound unrealistic and stupid, but it is in fact true. The pattern on your fingers reveals your personality traits. Want to find out how? Then read ahead.

You just need to observe your ring finger and the small finger adjacent to it. Look carefully and categorize them under any one of the following from the picture. Find out whether it belongs to category A, Category B or category C.

Here is what your fingers say about your personality

Check Out What Your Fingers Say About Your Personality

Category A

  • You’re an introvert and like to keep things to yourself only.
  • You are strong and independent.
  • You attach yourself to people quickly, and thus you’re very emotional.
  • You cannot stand dishonest people.
  • You have a low level of patience, and you’re very short tempered.
  • You are good at faking emotions.
  • You’re friendly and have a helping nature.

Category B

  • You’re hardworking and dedicated towards your work.
  • You’re a good lover and love wholeheartedly.
  • You aim at finishing your work before the deadline.
  • You avoid getting hurt by people, and you try to remain calm.
  • You’re emotional, but at the same time, you can fake your emotions very well.

Category C

  • You’re very good at moving on from the people that had hurt you.
  • You respect everyone and everyone’s opinion.
  • You are somewhat egoistic, but at the same time, you’re the first one to apologize whenever it’s your fault.
  • You’re an ambivert.
  • You’re capable of making your own decisions, and you’re straightforward.

Type A – The upper half is more significant than the lower half

The people are having this type of thumb always wants to overreach for something or some new information. Your desires can easily be seen with your personality type. You never speak much and maybe to save energy and hence want to reach the highest heights. You get quickly obsessed with your goals, and therefore you always want to succeed in your life. You are not the boastful person but can be humble for something. Your humility makes you an incredible person which you are.