Rules To Have A Decent And Pleasant Dressing Sense


Rules for dressing sense-First Impression is the last impression. We all go through this quote at least once. Our personalities and our image, all depend upon how we dressed up. Wearing decent, formal and smart clothing will add more beauty to your dressing. But if you are wearing vulgar and indecent clothes, then everybody will negatively notice you. Here we are going to tell you some basic rules of dressing. Let us take over a look.

How to button up a jacket?

The basic rule of dressing sense is that how to button up a jacket. Wearing suit looks classy,  but you should understand to carry the suit. Professionals generally wear formal suits, officials, etc. The coat of the suit is not to be fully buttoned up. The middle button of the jacket should close. Never open the middle button of the coating. The upper pin of the coat depends upon your mood. If you don’t want to close it, then don’t, and if you’re going to close, then you can close. The lower button should open never locked; it should always be open.

How to button up a shirt?

Wearing formal shirts makes you look classy and professional. Whenever you wear a shirt or a blouse, then button up your shirt correctly. When more than two buttons unbuttoned, then it looks vulgar and makes your impression down. Never unbutton your shirt more than two buttons.

Matching Accessories

When we go to a party or any other function, we see ladies dressed up with all the matching accessories, i.e. matching necklace, matching earrings, matching ring, etc. It looks so over and too much. You should never opt for these kinds of styles. If you are getting ready for a party then dressed up like a classy woman. Don’t wear so many matching accessories. You can wear matching earrings with matching bracelets but not more than that.

Tie length.

Office going people love to wear a tie with their formal shirts. Your personality is affected by your dressing. It all depends upon how you dressed up. The length of your tie should be appropriate. The tip of your tie should be up to your waist crossing a little. The short-range also downsize your personality.

Don’t Wear a tie without a jacket.

Rules for dressing sense

It is a formal concept that if you are going to wear an official shirt but you are not wearing a coat then you need not wear a tie. Formal shirts look better without the ties. If you want to wear a tie, then do wear a jacket.

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Office Shirt For Women

Rules for dressing sense

Women look classy in formal skirts and shirts. If you are wearing a shirt while going to the office for work, then please avoid wearing low neck clothes. There should be a difference of 4″ between the collarbone and office shirt cleavage.

When to Wear a belt?

Rules for dressing sense

When you are wearing a formal pant and shirt, then don’t forget to wear a belt. It is compulsory to wear a belt even when you are tucking in your shirt.

Gap Between Your Cardigan and Jeans.

Rules for dressing sense

To looks decent and smart, do check how you dressed up. If you are going to wear a cardigan or a pair of jean, then do check the gap between both. If you realize that your body or skin is being naked, then do opt to wear a top.

The color of the Belt.

Rules for dressing sense

Wearing formals is not that easy. Somebody wearing formals should have the sense to carry these formals. The color of your belt should be the same as the color of your shoes. If you are wearing brown shoes, then the color of your belt should also be brown.