You Need To See This Do’s And Don’ts Tutorial, If You Feel Difficulty Applying Makeup On Hooded Eyes


Hooded eye makeup-Everything which is new and trendy and everybody who has worn that strikes your mind with the idea to try it. It looks beautiful in the tutorial, but when you apply it to your face, and you look it in the mirror, it looks awful?

It’s not that you have to practice more or you have to work hard for this, as we keep learning we encounter with the fact that different makeup looks work differently on different faces.

In this tutorial, we are focusing on a particular eye makeup called the hooded eye makeup. Hooded eyes are sometimes referred to as “bedroom eyes” which means that your crease isn’t visible to others because of the upper lid. So what type of makeup will be suited for this type of lovely eyes? Here in this makeup expert Stephanie demonstrates the Do’s and Don’ts for an eye makeup that will give you a beautiful and crazy look.


Don’t forget to blend up. When you apply eye-shadow to your mobile lids, you smudge the whole eye-shadow on the bottom-most part. This will make your eyes look more hooded.

Do blend that color first, use a brush to blend the color to your eyelids to the crease and onto the hood of your eye.

Don’t use shiny colors as it will reflect light and make your hooded eye look larger and puffier.

Do use matte colors as they will absorb the light.

Hooded eye makeup

Don’t hop on the winged eyeliner. Mostly your hood of the eye is going to cover up the winged eyeliner. It will make your eyes appear more hooded.

Do apply eyeliner to your lashes.


Don’t use a liquid eyeliner.

Do use a pencil eyeliner.

Don’t apply eyeliner above your waterline.

Do apply eyeliner to your waterline.

Don’t bring your highlighter down too low, doing so will only highlight the hooded part of your eye.

Do keep your highlight close to the arch of the eyebrow.

Don’t draw attention to your under eye area. It’ll make you look so down and draggy.

Do apply a minimal amount of eyeshadow to your lower lash lines.

Don’t skip mascara.

Do apply mascara to build up your lashes to make them look more beautiful and larger.

If you still encounter with some of the problems then you must watch the Stephanie Lange Do’s and Don’t tutorial video on eye makeup :

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