Must Try These Trendy Coffin Shaped Nails.


Coffin shaped nails-You shape your nails in a variety of ways, and one of the trendiest and stylish way is the coffin-shaped nails. The reason why most of the women and the teenagers end up with coffin shaped nails is that they are easy to maintain and don’t break easily. Long nails become too fragile at the time that they lose their strength and easily broke down. Coffin shaped nails are flat on the top and last long. These are also known as ballerina’s nails. This is a perfect style to create an illusion of slim fingers if you have fatty fingers.

Trendy coffin shaped nails

coffin shaped nails


Properly clean up your nails and prepare them for filing.


If you want the filing process to be much easier and less painful, then dip your nails in water for sometimes.


Start by filing the sides more. You can sharpen them by slanting them fully.


Now that you are done with the sides start the same process with the top.


Keep filing the top portion gradually until they become flat from the top and the top should be at a height more than the sides. The shape should resemble a coffin. Your coffin shaped nails are ready.