Check Through The Body language If The Guy Is Into You or Not


Signs the guy is into you- Men are mysterious because you can never know what they feel until they tell and also they will try to hide their feelings from others. They will wait for you to guess what is inside them. Well, everyone does not have the power to read the mind of others, and hence men appear to be awkward.

You will get confused after talking to them. You never know how you can interpret the body language and when you understand them you will never know what he may be thinking about you. So here we have tried to resolve the issue by capturing their body language signs that he shows you. And that shows he is into you.

How can you tell if a guy is into you?

He shows his happiness with his forehead.

How can you tell if a guy is into you?

Men have the extraordinary ability to show their joy with their mouth, eyes, and forehead. The pleasure is like a beam that will appear or disappear soon. It is up to you how often you catch it. If he is smiling consistently, then that gives the right sign for the girl sitting in front of him.

He will lick his lips.

This is one of the signs the guy is into you. It is a fact that whenever you like someone, and she is sitting in front of you, then your mouth will produce extra saliva and you will lick and press them together.

The guy will not look into your eyes but at your face.

If the person likes you, then he will not be able to look into your eyes and his eyes will end up looking at your face. He will do the 80% of communication with you by looking from your nose to mouth but not into your eyes.

The guy takes a deep breath.

The guy will keep on taking a deep breath after seeing you. It might be due to the feeling that he can be subconscious, but also he makes the body look broader and smaller. In other words, we can say that he wants to look attractive to you.

Pupils of eyes become more significant than before.

Dilation means that someone genuinely likes us. The brain can not stop itself to look at you, and hence the guy attracted to you. The mind will act as the controller of your actions.

His eyebrows will get raised.

If the guy likes what he is seeing, then that means he will broaden his eyes to see more. But the matter is when he raises his eyebrows while talking to you. If he does so then, that means he has an interest in your talks and loves speaking to you.

The time when the guy leans towards you.

When you both are standing in a noisy place, then he will move a bit towards you to talk. But when he walks towards you for no reason, then that means that he has an interest in you more than your talks.

The time when he is with you and will play with the napkins.

If the guy is doing such activities, then that means he is getting nervous being with you alone and will get attracted towards you, but there is no chance for him how to hide his feelings for you.

He will touch your knees.

If the guy is trying to have some physical contact with you while he is sitting, then that means he is perfectly into you. But he might be testing your limits with such actions.

He sits down with the spread legs.

The position will emphasize the male parts of the guy which are very sensitive. He would want to know you more.

The time when the guy sits facing towards you.

It means he wants to have physical contact with you at that right moment. He might be interested in your body.

The position when the guy angles his toes towards you.

According to the body language expert, “The feet tend to point to where the heart wants to go”. If you want to test the guy, then you should first touch his arms and then look at his feet. If he moves them away, then that means he is not having any interest in you.

Find out if the guy crosses his legs.

If the guy crosses his legs and then move them towards you, then that means the guy is into you otherwise not.