How to look fresh and beautiful throughout the day? Girls who go to college must be knowing how difficult is it to survive without having some instant tips with them which might save them and help them to sail through the day smoothly. Make your college routine a bit easier and will help you to look fresh and beautiful throughout the day with these simple tips.

How to look fresh and beautiful throughout the day?

How to look fresh and beautiful throughout the day?
  • Vaseline Jelly

No wonder why this product should be available in every girl’s handbag on the way to college. When applied on dry lips, it can help to make them soft. Moreover, when applied on matte lipsticks, it can give an elegant glossy touch. An added advantage is that you can use it to remove your makeup!

How to look fresh and beautiful throughout the day?

  • Baby powder

Of course, it is next to impossible to venture into the college with your hair washed in the early morning. So, to get rid of the grease from your hair, make use of baby powder on your hair as it will help to absorb the excess oil from your hair. Plus, it won’t cause any damage as it is made for baby use and, it will do no harm to your hair.

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  • Tinted lip balms

Carrying too many lipsticks is a stupid idea, overall. Instead, you can make your tinted lip balm by mixing the good eyeshadows and mixing it with an everyday lip balm. Or, you can mix it with vaseline to get that bright shade.

  • Smokey effect

Make use of a multipurpose pencil which can be used for both applying as a kajal and as an eyeliner. After applying the pencil, smudge it with the help of your fingers so that you can get an effortless yet cool smokey effect.

  • Hoem remedies

Make sure that you depend only on homemade skin remedies for your baby skin to get an acne free skin. Attempt to opt for only natural exfoliators and natural masks which can be made quickly with the ingredients available locally!

  • Use fewer cream eyeshadows

Instead, you can make use of a wet brush on the powder shadow to get that instant creamy look on the face.

  • Dark nail polish 

Try to cover the stains of your nails by procuring and applying dark nail polish and, later rub it with a lemon cut into halves to get rid of the stains. Also, maintain a habit of using a base coat before you apply nail polish.

  • Change your look 

Try parting your hairstyles in different ways to give a different look which flatters your personality.

  • Moisturizers

Wave off the flyaways by using a moisturiser and applying it using your fingers on the target hair.

  • Stay hydrated

It is imperative not to forget the fact that staying hydrated is also the need of the hour. So, drink lots and lots of water every day.