What to do and not do if lips are chapped


Treat chapped lips-Lips have their importance in the beauty as they are also supposed as the tender part of the face. Whether affects the moisture of skin very much and mostly we see that our lips get chapped. They not only look odd but also give pain. Rainy season and winter demand extra care to the lips. Here we have some dos and don’ts to provide extra care to our lips. Here we also brought some home remedies that will lighten your dark lips and make them pink soft and glossy.

Lips are chapped due the less moisture. If we want to give them a pretty look, we are expected to moisturize our lips as per demand.

  • Balance the water level in the body daily

Treat chapped lips

It is very necessary to drink water as the requirement of our body. We are supposed to drink 7 to 8 glass water daily and it is necessary because dehydration is dangerous to the health as well as lips & this is the best way to treat chapped lips. If you want to get rid of wrinkles on your lips then you must check this article

  • Use SPF lip balm

To provide healthy moisture to our lips, we should use a lip balm with SPF. There come varieties of lip balm but we should prefer a lip balm with SPF as it will naturally smoothen the lips without any harm.

  • Maintain humidity in the temperature

We should use the humidifier to maintain humidity in the temperature as it will protect our lips from chapping. If we are living in air conditioners, a humidifier is a good option to maintain humidity.

  • Removal of dead skin

We can apply homemade scrubs to remove dead skin from our lips. Homemade scrubs are supposed to benefit because they lack chemicals so we can easily get good health to our lips.

  • Avoid licking the lips again and again

It is very common that we lick our lips again and again but it only gives humidity for a while and after that, it makes the lips worse than before. So, we must avoid this deed.

  • Matte lipsticks should not be used for a long while

Matt lipsticks are usually waterproof and if they are regularly used, they can steal the moisture from our lips so, we should not wear matte lipsticks for a long time regularly.

  • Removal of dead skin hardly

We must avoid removing the dead picks hardly from our lips as it can harm our lips. Most of the time while doing so, our lips bleed in a heavy manner.

  • Spicy food is an enemy

If we like spicy food too much, we should make sure that we have not to take that regularly as it can harm our lips.

  • Quality of lip balms

We must not use cheap lip balm because they are usually harmful. It is not a matter of price but it is a common thing that cheap lip balms have harmful chemicals. So such type of products must be avoided.

So, these are some common points which should be noted to give good care to the lips. We must keep them in our mind if we want chap-free lips.