Seven Best Ways To Lighten Up Your Upper Lips Very Easily.


How to lighten up your upper lips? Girls have many issues regarding their beauty. They always remain busy thinking of their vision. Well, many girls have to go for removing their upper lips hair so that they will not look bad and hide their beauty. But do not worry we have the solution to your problem. You can lighten the upper lips on the permanent basis. Too dark upper lips are very embarrassing as it will resist you to look beautiful. Here are some quick and natural remedies which can help you to look beautiful and get rid of such dark upper lips. You must surely give a try to the technique.

Natural ingredients include turmeric, honey, lemon, tomato, gram flour, egg whites and much more. All these things are very active for our skin and do not irritate our skin. We can even apply them every day. Let us know more about their best effects.

How to lighten up your upper lips?

How to lighten up your upper lips?

1. Honey and lemon mixture:

Lemon is best for skin bleaching properties, and honey is good for our health as it contains natural humectants. Both the ingredients will help to lighten up your upper lips. The best part is that the pack will not cause irritation on your skin and will not cause rashes on the lips. So you can apply it every day on the upper lips.

You need to mix two spoons of honey with some lemon juice. And apply the mask on the lips. Wash the area with cold water after sometime.

2. Tomato juice:

Tamota juice consists of ascorbic acid which is helpful in lightning the upper lips. Tamota keeps your skin hydrated and exfoliating. It also helps in removing the face hair quickly. Apply the tomato juice on the upper lips and then wash it after the extract gets dried.

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3. Only lemon

Lemon is the best ingredient and readily available in our kitchen. It consists of Vitamin C which will help in the bleaching purpose. Apply on your upper lips and wash it off after some time with the help of regular water. It will not irritate your skin.

4. Wild turmeric:

Turmeric is the best used for skin lightening purpose. But by using wild turmeric, it can lighten up your lips and helps in removing the hair. You need to add two teaspoons of turmeric powder with milk to make a thick paste and apply on the lips. Let it dry and after some time wash it off with the help of cold water.

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5. Egg white:

Egg whites are rich in vitamins and proteins which will also help you to lighten the upper. It keeps your lips hydrated and moisturised. Take an egg white and add corn flour to it. Mix it well and apply on the upper lips. Wait for some time and hence wash it off.

6. Sugar and coconut scrub:

Sugar contains the exfoliating properties which are very helpful in removing the upper removing lips as well as lightening them. The remedy becomes the best when we add coconut oil to the sugar and mix them well. After mixing them apply it to your upper lips. It acts as a scrub to the upper lips. Scrub your lips for some time and then rinse it off with the help of water. In a day you should repeat the following steps for at least two to three times, and eventually, you will get the best results as expected.

7. Gram flour remedy:

Gram flour is also called chickpea flour is having the skin exfoliating properties. It helps us in removing the dead cells from our surface and prepare the tissue. It is very effective ingredient which helps in the skin lightening and hence useful in lightening the upper lips. Mix the gram flour in the milk and add a little bit turmeric powder to it. Make the thick paste and apply on the upper lips. When the adhesive dries, then wash it off with the help of cold water. Cold water freshens your skin.