Methods To Deal With Dry And Chapped Lips


Treat chapped lips-Our lips do not contain the melanin, and hence they tend to the sunburns, and thus we destroy the covering of the skin by licking them. Therefore we all can use some trick so that you can have the healthy, smooth, and kissable lips.

Let’s see how can you treat chapped lips at home

How to treat chapped lips at home

When you smile nicely, then it seems appealing always. Here we are with the collection of the ways so that you can keep your lips always smiling without chapped and dry lips.

Avoid using matte lipsticks.

How to treat chapped lips at home

You move according to the trend, and hence it can cause a lot of damage to your skin including lips. Your lips may dry out by using the matte lipstick. And thus we can give you the best example of the Instagram stars like Kylie Jenner who undergo the treatments or use the moisturizing primers to avoid damage to their lips and hence show off them openly.

Use the lip scrub.

Exfoliating is much essential for your skin including lips. Hence it is better to undergo natural products. Do not worry they are quickly available in the market or you can even make them at your homes. Because using such types of products, you must apply a base as the mixture of oil and the beautiful natural sugar. For your taste, you can also prefer to go for essential oils like rosemary along with the soft fruits and vegetables.

Lip rescue recipe.

It makes the best use when you apply them and keeps overnight. For the remedy to work you need the organic honey along with cocoa butter and the olive oil. You need to mix all the ingredients so that to form a thin paste and hence apply to the lips before you go to bed. The best part is it will not make the use of beeswax or some vaseline, and therefore it is possible to whip it by using things in your pantry.

Use oil with a high amount of comedogenicity.

Comedogenicity is the kind of measurement that everyone does not know much. The analysis shows up the ability of the oil so that it can clog pores. The coconut oils consist of the high amount of comedogenicity, and hence you must not apply it on your face. But it is the best ingredient for your lips and your body to fill the pores.

Moisturize your body inside out.

The state in which your body is in actual consistent and thus when you will lack water in your inner body then the results you will get to see on your lips. If you do not want to treat chapped lips, then you must keep them moisturized by drinking a lot of water daily.

Use a humidifier.

When you live in the dry area, say in your house or the workplace where there is all around the dry air around you then your lips also become dry. Most often you get to see it in the winter season. But don’t worry there is the number of ways so that you can make the humid air around you.  You can leave your bathroom gate open when you are showering or place some house plants and going to leave the bowls of water on the counter of the house.

Cucumber Mask

Well, it seems funny when you see women sitting with the two slices of cucumber on your eyelids. But for you, it might be funny, but it is useful. It is suitable for your lips too. For the remedy, you can take the slices of the cucumber or also make its paste and apply it for five to ten minutes on your lips. You can even try it as part of your beauty routine in the wintertime.

Lip balm of ceramides.

Your lips possess to have the outer layer for the protection but when you do some activity with them like eating food, drinking water, or the weather around you can destroy that layer. But the ceramides helps you to retain the protective layer always and hence you can use it.