Best tips to make your feet look perfect-In this era of fashion, it seems to matter a lot to everyone. Talking about our feet, especially girls who want to look prettier than others this is a significant concern for them.

Some of the points to make your feet look perfect and healthy discussed below:

Stopping the bacteria and fungus growth

Best tips to make your feet look perfect

Apple cider vinegar [ACD] is an excellent way to remove mildew from your feet. You have to do is mix ACD and water in equal concentrations and prepare an anti-fungal soak. Now put your nails affected by bacteria in this solution and soak for 30 minutes. After this wipe with a towel and observe the change.

Another method: Before going to sleep apply lavender oil on the affected nails and let them soak during the night and continue this process every night for a few weeks until fungus goes off.

Apply your foot scrub.

Make your foot scrub. Using salts and sugars will make your skin more healthy and radiant. Massaging with coconut oil and other essential oils will make your skin more robust and will reduce fatigue which you may face after your long busy schedule.

Apply a foot mask for the care.

Best tips to make your feet look perfect

Make your mask by using pumpkins puree, cinnamons, and yogurt. It will help your skin to nourish, relax, and will all bacteria attacking.

Remove Your cracks

No one wants to see cracks on their heels. And most of them are often not severe and could be cured at home only. Soak your feet in warm water. It will help to reduce your cracks. You can also apply liquid bandage which you can easily find at a chemist shop. Honey has antimicrobial properties which make it right to use over cracks as a scrub and rid of your breaks.

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Massage your feet

Best tips to make your feet look perfect

Massaging feet every day will make your blood circulation right and makes your feet look more attractive and healthy. It also helps in controlling stress, diabetes and high blood pressure in our body.

Moisturizing skin

Coconut oil is the best way to moisturize your skin and helps to make your foot more healthy and glowing.  You can also add sugar and salt to it to make it a more efficient foot scrub.

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Curing swelling

If your feet swell often, then you should wear compression socks that are readily available in markets at chemist shops. You can also try raising your legs upwards and pressing against walls.

Relieve your foot pain

Wearing high heels and those beautiful uncomfortable shoes for a long time can cause pain in your foot. To get relieved from this pain you should soak them in warm water for about 30 minutes and relax.