Facts About How Men’s Bodies are Different From Women’s bodies


Men and women differences from bodies and facts-We all are busy fighting for the equality of men and women. But we are not noticing that girls are superior to men. They both are very different from each other, but both are best at their place. Various scientists are trying to find the difference between men and women for many years. They said after all the research they discovered the curious facts about the men’s bodies and brains. Scientists feel that men’s bodies working is very different from women. They think differently, and women think differently.

So we are here to discuss the facts about the working of men’s bodies and minds. We will also recognize men how they are different from women.

  • The most curious fact that we never know about men is that when we talk to a man, we think that he is listening to us consciously, but we are wrong at this place. While looking, men never use their full brain they only use their half mind. With another half, they are busy thinking of something else. In this way, men and women are different because when women listen, they listen with their entire brain. If you are talking to a man, then you have to explain your things briefly because men don’t like story conversations.

men and women differences from bodies and facts

  • Men see the things that come in their way at a long distance. But women see only those things that are near to them. Women can see things in the dark, but that is only at a short distance. Men’s dark vision is not that strong, but they are right in watching at a long distance. As in the case of life men always think for the long term.

men and women differences from bodies and facts

  • Left-handers are more in men rather than women. According to researchers of Australian National University, left-handed people found more relevant and bulky information instead of right-handed people.
  • We all see men doing a workout more rather than women. Men are stronger than women in doing physical activities. They can carry heavy weights but women can not. It found that the pints of blood taken by average men are about 8-10 and women have only 6-7 pints. The hemoglobin and red blood cells present in men’s blood is more rather than women. Rich in hemoglobin and red blood cells makes the oxygen circulation more efficient.

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  • The sleep of men is more sound instead of women. Because in ancient times when men go out hunting and then they came back home to rest. The electrical activity of man’s brain drops to 70%, and women only fall to 10%. The reason for this found in history.

  • Men are more efficient in losing weight than women. The body of men burns more calories and fat. They also provide energy to their muscles and other organs.
  • Men don’t give so much concentration to stilled objects because they love to see the moving objects. In case of looking at a girl, men will give more attention to dancing or laughing girl rather than a sitting girl.

men and women differences from bodies and facts

  • The immune system of men is weaker than women. They get quickly infected from rain and dust.
  • Men go for a pee less than women. The bladder of men is more prominent than women, and they need not empty it very quickly. The cause of women’s small bladder is inside the pelvis women have more organs rather than men.

We never thought of these differences between men and women.  The cells of the bodies differ the men and women from each other because they carry different genes. If you find this article relevant, then please let us know.