Some Code Combinations That You Never Know About Your Phone


Phone code combinations-Our mobile phones carry so many secrets with them that we don’t know. Sometimes we need information about our phone, cellular network or some service providers and we don’t have their contact number. The below-written code combinations will give you the information about the various functions of your phone. These Combinations are made differently for multiple mobiles like iPhones, Android, and other models. Let us take over a look upon the below article.

Code Combinations For iPhone:

Some Code Combinations That You Never Know About Your Phone


Do you ever listen to this code? If no then get it now. This code combination will hide your number from the person you are calling. By adding this code before dialing the amount the person will not be able to see your mobile number.


By phoning this code on your iPhone, you will be able to see the IMEI number of your device. IMEI number is a unique identifier of each device. If you ever lost your phone or your phone gets stolen then give this number to the police. By using the IMEI, the number of police can trace the location of your phone.


This code is helpful in identifying the number.


If you want to disable your outgoing calls, then dial this code on your phone. Tu turns off the disabled function of outgoing calls then press #33*pin#.


Have you ever listen about EFR coding? If no then we will tell you about it. EFR coding helps in enhancing the quality of communication. This combination of code consumes more battery. You can disable this function by dialing #3370#.


The above-written code will help you to find your mobile network service center. By dialing this number you will get the contact number of the service provider, and you need to visit their office for any service.


By dialing this number on your phone, you will get all network information in a numerical form. This number will provide information about the sim card network in a pop-up menu form.

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Code Combinations For Android:

Some Code Combinations That You Never Know About Your Phone


The above-written code combination gives information about the wi-fi signal. It will tell us about battery consumption, usage statistics, and various other things.


This code will delete all the updated information and apps from your phone and make your phone as you bring it new. It will bring your phone to factory settings that nothing will come up to date.


We all think that our calls never get recorded until we record them. But here is a code with whom you can get your last 20 recorded calls.


Nothing is impossible in this world. We can hide our number from an unknown person we are calling. The given code combination will tell you to do that. Add this code before putting the mobile number on your screen and then dial it. Your name will get blurred, or it will be like an unknown number.


To know the unique identity of your phone dial *#06#. This unique identity is an IMEI number of the device. IMEI number is different for every phone. In case of theft or loss, the IMEI number used.

Individual Codes


This Code combination made with Samsung phones. Dial this code on your phone and get the full-service menu for Samsung Galaxy phones.


Nowadays nobody uses Motorola phones but if anybody has, then here we have this code combination for the secret menu of Motorola phones.