New design based Samsung TVs launched-Samsung is a brand not only known for its smartphones but also the innovation in technology that the brand brings to the table. Samsung recently announced the launch of a design based frame TV which might be the next trend for LED TVs. The TV also comes with a bunch of additional customizable features to add to the new design.

Looking at the resolution, we get a 4K UHD screen with support for HDR10+. This is an improvement over the HDR pro support that the first generation of Samsung TVs came with. This is most definitely a smart TV from Samsung with easy connectivity options with a Samsung smartphone allowing the customers to access their Samsung account directly. Samsung’s very own voice assistant that came into light a couple of years ago, Bixby comes preloaded with the TV. So there is voice command support for more convenient use.

New Design Based Samsung TVs Launched And Available For Purchase

Now let’s see what exactly is a Frame TV from Samsung. Of course, this is a designed based TV, and the idea behind it is to make the TV look like a piece of art on the wall rather than a piece of machinery. Samsung plans to achieve this by displaying different pictures from different art galleries on the TV screen when the customer does not use it. Not only paintings though as the company said that one could even see photographs, pieces of art, drawings, and so on.

These individual pieces of art on display can be purchased from the Samsung art store. For this, all that the customer needs is to be subscribed to the Samsung Art store at just $4.99 per month. Additionally, there is an offer for a one-month free subscription for the new customers.

Now looking at the additional attention to detail from Samsung, we get three colors of frames that can be attached to the frame of the TV using magnets. These include the color Walnut, beige wood, and white. As per the frame that matches best with the color of the wall, the owner may set the frame as per requirement. On top of this, the pictures that are displayed on the screen can be set by the user like a playlist on the music player to make sure the Frame TV compliments the indoor designs of the house. On top of it all, we get some sensors that will choose the perfect brightness for the screen depending on the amount of light present in that room.

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New Design Based Samsung TVs Launched And Available For Purchase

This new innovative TV is available for purchase from Samsung’s official online store. We get two different variants for this TV based on the size of the screen. There is a lower-end 55-inch model, and as of now, it is set at a price of  Rs.156,700. Again for the higher-end 65-inch variant, the price is set at Rs  Rs.265,900. Anybody looking to purchase any one of the above mentioned TVs needs to head over to the site