Have A Look At The Satirical Art All The Way From France

Have a look at the satirical art all the way from France

Satirical art-Meet Dran from Toulouse, France, who makes the best use of his skills and imagination to depict the real world in images. He paints the streets of his home country with many illustrations that we genuinely give a thought about, but shy away when it comes to discussing it.

This talented artist does not back out from highlighting the pressing issues of the present time using dark humor. From child psychology to animal abuse and human sloppiness, his graffiti and illustrations depict all.

As the images are going viral over the net and captivating much attention, thought of sharing a few with you.

His illustrations are a catch to the eyes. It would give you some food for thought.

Well, pictures are how we see and comprehend them. The following is something that I could decipher from Dran’s graffiti. You are welcome to spell out your ideas about them.

#1 The Unseen

Have A Look At The Satirical Art All The Way From France

Lo! Not everything is visible. It is a human tendency that you are attracted to the colors of life, howbeit, ignoring the black and white picture which is also a part of it. The irony is summed up in the Ella Wheeler’s composition: ‘laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone.’

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#2 Weighted down

Have A Look At The Satirical Art All The Way From France

The child carrying his heavily laden schoolbag could be your imagery. You feel always burdened and stressed out due to the problems you face, which unfortunately becomes too heavy to bear. Some of you fall under this massive weight, while others vigorously struggle out of it with their willpower. Even though your worries seem too big for you, but it is not the end until you come through it. Nevertheless, always remember that your current situation cannot overpower you, but it can be vice-versa if you wish to.

#3 Hand-in-hand

Have A Look At The Satirical Art All The Way From France

As you approach your ripe age, you realize that it is not only your loved ones who walk alongside you. Your messed up life, your prescriptions, and descriptions also accompany you till death. However, if you look back and see how far you have come, then you can travel pleasantly furthermore as well. Ultimately, it is all a part of the big game called life.