Ordinary Things Which Can Destroy Your Vacation In Abroad


1 Burundi-no morning jogs

Things that destroy your vacation

Things that destroy your vacation-Jogging is a good habit, and of course, jogging helps to keep our body healthy and fit, but you know jogging is ban in some of the countries. In some states, it is considered a sign of war for example in Burundi, and if you do jogging, you will get arrested. Hence the government there has banned jogging to avoid the fights and opposition.

2 No yellow color in Malaysia

Things that destroy your vacation

As in the previous point, jogging was considered as a sign of war here yellow color is the sign of war and hence in Malaysia wearing yellow color is strictly prohibited. Therefore when you are going to Malaysia, remember do not wear any yellow color clothes otherwise you would be behind bars. The yellow color is a sign of protest. Hence you need to keep this point in mind.

Things that destroy your vacation

3 Do not wear flip-flops in Italy

Things that destroy your vacation

Wearing flip flops or sandals are not allowed there, and on the beach also these are not allowed. The main reason behind this is it makes a lot of noise, and hence it irritates the other people and distracts others from their work. Thus remember next time you go to Italy do not wear your flip flops or sandals if you do not want to get into any problem.

4 The whistle is not allowed in Canada

Things that destroy your vacation
Children blowing whistles to mother’s ears- outdoor

The pipe is not considered a good noise there and hence whistle is not permitted. If you do that thing then you have to pay fine, and that is around 250 Canadian dollars, and that is a large amount to be paid. So if you do not want to spend this massive amount remember not to whistle whenever you are in Canada.

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5 Sandcastles are not allowed in Italy

Things that destroy your vacation

The mayor known as Eraclea wanted the people to enjoy the sunbaths and the sweet sounds of the sea hence he banned the sandcastles so that people can enjoy more with nature rather than spending time in building sandcastles. This is a nice idea so that people can know the real importance and beauty of life.

Things that destroy your vacation

6 No plastic bags allowed in Kenya

Plastic bags are harmful to our environment, and this is a good point if they are banned somewhere. You must know that these bags are prohibited in Kenya and if the packet is found, then he/she has to give a fine of around $38000. And moreover, nobody should use plastic bags because they do not get dissolve instead they harm our soil and if we burn them they release some harmful gases which can affect our environment and hence it is a good thing that these bags are banned in Kenya. Do not carry any plastic bags if you go there.