Try This Oddly Satisfying Aluminium Foil Trick.


Polished Aluminium foil ball-Who doesn’t love art? There’ something so expressive and beautiful about art and the best part about it is that you end up creating something unique and different. There are a lot of variations that you can do, and the outcome turns out to be beautiful most of the times.

The real art is when you use the waste to create the best out of it. Art can be created using the oldest and most unlikely inputs. This DIY project someone undertook in Japan is the living proof of it. Using just the aluminium foil and simple tools, these kids created a beautiful ball. Check this out!

Polished Aluminium foil ball

You require only aluminium foil.

Polished Aluminium foil ball

Roll it into a ball.

You’ll even enjoy doing that.

Roll it for as long as you can.

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Shape it perfectly round.

The more you roll, the better it’ll appear.

Soon, it’ll start looking this shiny!

Isn’t the final result beautiful?