6 Secrets To Turn On The Preparation Of The Best Pizza


Prepare pizza-Pizza is the best to prepare for any occasion. It is the perfect nourishing dish to eat. Here we are with a lot of secrets prepared for you. These facts will help you develop the right pizzas at your home. Now you will not have to spend a lot of money on expensive dishes. We hope you will enjoy them.

Secrets to prepare pizza

6 Secrets to prepare pizza

Secret 1: To prepare the dough kneading techniques


Ingredients that you will require are 2 lb or say 900 grams of the flour 0.4 oz of the fresh yeast and 17 fl or say 0.5 liters of water. You may need 0.4 oz or say 10 grams of the olive or vegetable oil along with twenty grams of the sea salt. Sea salt must be fine grind particles.

You need to knead the dough consistently which would turn the dough to be lighter and fluffy. Also, sift the flour. You need to take one more bowl and then crumble the fresh yeast inside the cold water. Stir the mixture till it gets completely dissolved. Now add half the flour and then continue to stir such that it will avoid the lumps. Now you can knead the remaining salt and the powder.

Secret 2: To add the olive oil

It is to turn the dough elastic and hence it is better if you add some olive oil to the flour mixture. You need to knead to prepare thoroughly. Now transfer the whole into the clean space where you work and keep it massaging until it is no longer sticky.

Secret 3: To roll your pizza dough with the help of your hands

Here you will need to divide the flour into the several numbers of pieces. And now it is the right time to leave and to raise the meal on the room temperature for the next hour. Let the volume of the dough to increase in the next hours with the two times. As you work with the hands, you need to roll the dough as thinly you can go with it. Now sprinkle the flour over the dough that would help to gently stretch from the middle position in the outward direction.

It is best if you hold it from the middle and then push it from out the edges. You can turn the sides to be slightly thick which would help it form the crust.

Secret 4: Tu Turn the Pizza crust crispy

You need to grease the baking pan along with the olive oil and then sprinkle the flour which would avoid the sticking of the dough to the pan.  Now the toppings that you have prepared are to spread over the dough. Now heat the same in the oven for around 390 F for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

Secret 5: To pick up the right sauce

Well, we advise you not to add more than three tablespoons of the sauce to the pizza that is of average-sized diameter. Well, also remember that you will not have to use the traditional sauce for the preparation. You need to gently cream up the cheese and hummus sauce that will act complementary to your pizza. Always remember to monitor the consistency of the sauce. Also, the sauce must be in the form of a paste and not the liquid that will turn the pizza base very wet.

Secret 6: To choose the right toppings

Always remember not to use more than four toppings on the single pizza. The first layer or all layers of the toppings must not be thick than one centimeter. Also, it is essential to sprinkle the prepared toppings on the whole surface of the dough because the top layer of the pizza must be full of cheese. You can even spread the ingredients like fresh herbs over the pizza before you serve them.

The classic Bacon pizza

For the preparation, you need to chop the pepper into the fine particles. Turn the salami into the semicircular shape. Also, keep slicing the bacon. Spread the sauce paste on the dough and then spread the prepared toppings generously along with the grated cheese.

Similarly, if you will keep changing the shape and the ingredients of your toppings, you can prepare your favorite pizzas and hence enjoy your day.