4 Wonderful Three Ingredient Snacks That Takes Less Time To Prepare


Prepare snacks quickly-People always feel hungry when they see their favorite foods items in front of them. But if you want to achieve such things, then that does not mean you will have to cook your food for the long hours. Here we are with the ten delicious snacks and the desserts that would help you to throw together with the three primary ingredients which include salt, oil, and spices.

Chicken wings along with honey and the soy sauce

How to Prepare snacks quickly

The ingredients that you will require for the preparation are one kilogram of the chicken wings along with five 0z or say 150 grams of the sauce, around five tablespoons of the honey in the liquified form, and some spices and salts that you want according to your taste.

Method to prepare the dish:

You will need to mix honey along with the soy sauce. Now it is the right time to add up the spices and then pour the prepared mixture on the chicken wings. Now put it inside the refrigerator and to leave them for a few hours or the whole day inside. Now it is the time to lay out the chicken on the sheet or the roasting tin. Now put it in the oven for the next to 350 F. Bake for the chicken for the next hour until your dish turns a little brown in the shade.

Avocado halves with the shrimp

Ingredients that you will need are 7 oz or say 200 grams of the frozen and cooked shrimps along with two ripe avocados. You can also take the mayonnaise for your taste. Also, take salt and pepper for the taste.

Methods for the preparation of the dish:

You need to cut the avocado into the halved pieces and then to remove off their peel and thus the spits. Now scoop them out to chop up. Now take one bowl and then mix the chopped shrimp and the avocado in it. Now for your taste, you can dress on the mayonnaise sauce on it. You may even add the cream according to your liking. Now add on the pepper and salt according to your taste and requirement. Also, if you wish then add on the chopped garlic to it. Now spoon up to fill the avocado halves so that you can serve them.

How to prepare snacks quickly-Stuffed Tomatoes

For the preparation, the ingredients that you will require are the four tomatoes along with 7-10 oz or say 200 grams of the minced meat. Also, ready to take one onion and spices and salt according to the taste.

Methods to prepare:

You need to wash the tomatoes and then have to cut the top off to help scoop out the pulp and the seeds. Chop the onion into the fine particles and let them fry. Now, put these onions to the tomato pulp and minced meat. Also, stew it for the next five to eight minutes.

Stuff up your tomatoes with the filling, and then you need to cover the tops with their cut-offs. Put these tomatoes on the sheet and then spray a bit of water on it. Now bake them in the preheated form in the oven for the next forty minutes. And we are sure your guests will demand more and more and even the recipe.

Brie cheese baked with honey and nuts.

Ingredients that you will require are the two to three tablespoons of the honey along with the block of the brie cheese. You can add up the walnuts, pecans, and hazelnuts to the dish according to your wish. Use olive oil for the preparation process.

Method to prepare the dish:

Well, you will find the brie cheese to be tasty in itself. But when you bake, it turns to be much more than the above one. You will require a small block of the brie cheese in the baking dish and thus turn them to a couple of the cuts. Spray a bit of oil on it and then cover it with the help of foil. Now preheat the dish and then put it in the oven for the next five to ten minutes. Wait until the mixture will melt-up and then it is the time to pull out. Sprinkle the chopped nuts and the honey on it.