Sensational 60’s Eyes In 4 Simple Steps


Want 60’s Eyes? You don’t need to be a fan of or know an awful lot about, the motion pictures of the 60’s to be appreciative of the beautiful eye-makeup of the actors. Nothing screamed drama like their eye-makeup that was all about the thick differentiating hues, deep wrinkle, sensational eyelashes, and thick tasty eyeliner. It is no secret that there was no effort made to make it look natural, or neutral. This is what makes it even more ravishing in so many ways.

This very thing may be the reason that it has come back to the fashion radar today, and is regaining popularity throughout the pop culture, as today’s makeup is all about the expression of self. If you too want to wake the 60’s eyes, just scroll on and follow the simple steps.

Sensational 60’s Eyes In 4 Simple Steps

What You’ll Need

60's Eyes

The ammo in your arsenal includes eye primer, eyeliner, drama mascara, q-tips, and eyeshadow palette.

And here we go,

1. Wing It Out

60's Eyes

Start by drawing a beautiful long wing with your eyeliner.

2. Connect and Proceed

Using the liner trace the upper curve of your eyes and join it with your wing.

3. Clean It Up

With a q-tip, adjust and clean the lines to make the edges look more neat and defined.

4. Final Touches

After you’re satisfied with your liner strokes, add some volume to your lashes with falsies, and layer it up with thick mascara. If you don’t wish to use false lashes, just add double layers of any volumizing mascara, and your look is complete and fabulous.

You can either stop there or if you wish to, you may fill the gaps with eyeshadow by applying light eyeshadow with an eye brush for an external edge of upper top side to the inside corner and go for a dull shade on the outer edge. Finish it off by blending the liner and shadow using a pencil brush.