Six Body language errors one should avoid


As we are aware of the fact that our body language plays a significant role in representing ourselves in public. It reflects our physical personality, expresses our emotions and helps in maintaining a healthy communication with others. It is necessary to improve our body language if we wish to present ourselves in a much sophisticated and professional way. But sometimes we commit some mistakes through our wrong posture while presenting ourselves. This can drain water on our efforts. Here are some common mistakes which one should simply avoid to create a positive impression. Just have a look at these mistakes and correct them if you are committing the same mistake-

1) An inappropriate standing posture
This can show that you are disinterested and can also weaken your backbone due to incorrect posture.

2) Shaking hands
This directly reflects your nervousness and lower self-esteem which should be strongly avoided. One should be confident enough to overcome this situation.

3) Crossed arms and legs
This body posture represents that you are absent-minded and are not interested in having a conversation with other people. One should always avoid such gesture and keep their hands normally.

4) Weak Handshake
This represents a lower self-esteem of yours and a lower self-confidence which can create a negative impact of yours on other people.

5) Intense Eye Contact
A normal eye contact represents loyalty and honesty of that person while the reverse of it represents immortality. While maintaining an intense eye contact with someone is also the same i.e. trying to trap the other person in your web of lies. One should maintain a normal eye contact to show his confidence and interest towards the opposite person.

6) Mirroring someone
Copying someone’s gestures or attitude while having a conversation with that same person helps in developing the trust and interest of that person.