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Snack Smartly With These 9 Amazing Tips


Snack smartly-Our figure and weight depend primarily on the kind of snack we consume. The right proportion, timing, and healthy choices are a few choices that we should look after to stay fit. Smoothies are not the best pick for snacking, by the way!

We have some tips for you so that you can snack right with a few snack options you could opt for, which are healthy.

Snack Smartly With These 9 Amazing Tips

Relish every morsel you take. Stretch the process of eating your meal. Take 10 minutes off to just snack and do not keep any kind of distraction around you, like TV, Phone, etc.

2. Pick the correct time.

12 pm -5 pm is an ideal time for having snacks. This frame of time will ensure that you don’t binge eat and will also refrain from making bad choices of food, which is quite responsible for us gaining weight.

3. Opt for baked, not fried

Fruits and veggies can be used in all forms. Choose for baked bananas or potatoes, as they are tasty too. Roasting might sound healthy to you, but it does involve oil and fried oil does not do good to our body.

4. Avoid eating at your desk.

If you eat mindlessly at your desk without keeping a check on how much you are ingesting, can be pretty dangerous for your weight loss program. Working on something and feeding on a bag of cookies wouldn’t be an excellent idea as it will get over with you not realizing it.

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5. Сhoosing healthy options.

If your colleagues bring sweets when they meet you for tea or coffee, get cheese or fruit instead.

6. Consume more fibrous food & dairy products.

Snack Smartly With These 9 Amazing Tips

Have fibrous meals and dairy if you have a quite sedentary job. This will help your intestines to deal with being inactive. Fiber is present in all veggies, fruits, bran, and whole-grain bread.

7. Try out bran

Brans saturate quickly and also keep a check on the cholesterol level. Add it to smoothies or sprinkle it over salads or mix them with cottage cheese. Don’t go beyond 30 g of bran per day and consume a lot of water.

8. Drinking your calories is a straight no.

Juices and smoothies won’t satisfy you for long, and they normally exceed the permitted calorie count and permissible sugar allowance.

9. Prep your snacks.

You will rarely find some healthy options at restaurants or stores, so why not make your meals? You could always pick on a chocolate bar, but it would be so much better if you prep your cookies which have bananas or maybe apples or some ingredients that are great for your health! You will have control of all that you put in the recipe, so this should work out for you! This way, you would not be tempted to buy something which is junk to your health.

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BONUS: What to eat for a healthy snack?

Cottage cheese

Try a yummy cottage cheese recipe or simply fuse it with berries or fruits! You could try combining it with veggies as well.

A fruit

Pears, bananas, apples, oranges, peaches or a good bowl of berries, all work! Do not overeat any fruit. However, you don’t want to shoot up your fructose levels!


Eating beyond 25 grams is no good. Nuts can be healthy, but they contain unsaturated fats, which may not help you if you have them in excess.

A sandwich

Use a thin flatbread and add grilled chicken or cheese inside and top it with some lettuce! Perfect sandwich. Healthy too.

Hummus or guacamole

Try these dips in combination with whole grains or veggies, and you will feel full in no time! They are high in fiber and protein, so a way to go for your weight loss regime.

Which of these tips did you find the most interesting? Do let us know in the comments section below!