Wearing spectacles became a trend and needed these days. Some people need to wear the glasses, and some are fond of glasses. But taking care of glasses is very difficult. Generally, people make it casually and don’t take care of it. Dust on the glasses puts a significant impact on our eyesight and brain. Here we will tell you some ways to clean your spectacles and lenses. With this, you will also get to know about finding your lenses in dark areas and stop them from clouding etc.

Finding your glasses in the dark.

When you lost glasses in a dark room, then it becomes very tough for you to find them. Our vision is zero in the dark. So the easiest method to find glasses is, apply the designs on your frame with the of fluorescent paint. Fluorescent colour shine even in the dark and also these designs make your glass frames attractive.

Wiping the lenses

To clean the lenses of your glasses never use your shirt’s hem or sleeve because they put tiny scratches on lenses. It creates an additional burden on your eyes. Always use fabric given with your case because that fabric is microfiber. This fabric neither accumulates dirt nor scratch the lenses.

Replacing your glasses.

If you are near-sighted and your spectacles are not available. Then in case of emergency use your smartphone. Open the camera and focus on the thing which you want to, this makes you more comfortable to see things without glasses.

Wash the lenses.

For clear vision always wash your spectacles when they are not get cleaned with microfiber. Avoid cleanser containing alcohol, vinegar, ammonia, or bleaching powder etc. because these destroy the protective coating of lenses. Always use dishwashing liquid for washing lenses because there are mild.

Prevent the lenses from clouding over.

Lenses become opaque with the change in temperature. To prevent this apply some liquid or hard soap on the glasses in advance.

Glasses are not hairbands.

Most of the people who are habitual with spectacles or those who forgot their glasses, always put their scenes as hairbands because they find it more convenient than removing it. Avoid using them as hairbands because the frame starts falling off due to loss of its shape.

Quickly repairing your glasses.


When our earpiece of the frame is broke, and we lose the screws, and you have an emergency don’t panic. There is some quick method to repair breakage of the earpiece of your frame. Easiest and convenient for the temporary solution is, use a toothpick. Insert the toothpick and connect the structure with the earpiece and break off the excess.

Too broad or too narrow earpieces.

If our glasses are too broad than they start sliding from the nose and if they are too narrow then they are little tight, in both cases, we get uncomfortable to wear glasses. Sometimes we throw that and buy new. But there is a solution you do not need to buy a new one. You can reuse them according to your comfort.

Hold the round part of your glasses in hot water for few minutes, and plastic gets soft. Then if the glasses

  • were tight, bend the finished piece to reduce pressure.
  • Were loose, bend the round part inward slowly.


By putting your glasses on an even surface and compare both nosepieces with each other and adjust them if needed.

The shape of the frame.

Always choose the shape of the frame according to your face and eye shape. Like few examples discussed below:

  • For wide-spaced eyes pick glasses with a thick bridge.
  • For close-set eyes choose glasses with decoration on the outer edge.