Some secret smartphone features you need to know


Some secret smartphone features you should know

1 Lock screen feature

Some secret smartphone features you need to know

This is one of the secret smartphone features. This lock screen feature will help you throughout. For example, if your phone is misplaced or is a lot and lock screen is the thing which only you know no one else knows the password in that case you can drop a message like Please call this number if you find my phone. This new feature will surely help you. Now if you want to apply this you need to go to Settings, then Lock screen and security then Lock screen signature, and now you can give your phone number there for the message,

2 You can save the memory

Some secret smartphone features you need to know

No matter how many memory spaces are there on your phone, A time will come when all your memory storage space will be full, and there will be no space left for your use, You use Dropbox, or you try to back up your data for safety but what if, if you came to know you can use something better than that. Well, that is the feature of telegram messenger. Well, Telegram messenger is nothing but is used for storing your data. It has two functions can be used as notepad also and surely can be used as a cloud also because it allows you to send files to yourself. So go and try it and save your memory.

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3 Phone as CCTV

Some secret smartphone features you need to know

Want to use your phone as CCTV. Yes, it can be possible now. There is an app that will take pictures when someone is there because it makes use of motion sensor function which turns on the device and your free start acting as a CCTV cam. If you want to know the video mode it can also be there it also gives the response to the video. So there are multiple features, and you can use the function according to your choice.

4 Access to the magic menu

If you love using your smartphone and you use it on a daily basis and want to be the developer. So here is the option for you. You can quickly do this by following the instructions here. You need to go to the Developer menu where you can be the developer of your phone The first step is to go to settings then go to About the phone then you will see there is a name written as the model number. You need to click this seven times and congratulations you have become the new developer now, and now you can change the settings according to your own needs. You can turn features like system appearance and overall performance.