There’s still time, switch over to a new life!

there's still time, switch over to a new life

Switch over to a new life-Say it aloud or not, it is the bitter truth that you are not happy with the track of your life. Many are not ready to accept the obstacles and beat a hasty retreat, while others step forward and face the beast. If you think that these are the only two options to count on, think again. What about an all-new start? Isn’t that a pretty good idea? Yes, you can bid goodbye to your old styles and bring in the bright channels of living and loving life. Only you can design your future; rest is destiny. At least, do your part, while the mighty power handles the rest. This is how you can go about it.

#1 Back straight, please

Switch over to a new life: Things you can do now to change your life

Whether you walk or sit or sleep, it is better that you track your posture. You were given an S-shaped backbone. Don’t ruin it into a C. Continuous sitting for long hours could worsen this effect. You have been given the ability to walk around, so make much use of it. Your desk jobs might land you up with troubles in your legs, spine, shoulders, and fingers. A little traveling back and forth, and some stretches while taking a break from your work could be a good start.

#2 Give Vitamin – D a chance

Switch over to a new life: Things you can do now to change your life

Do you know about the happiness hormone, serotonin? Well, it is generated inside your system as you look towards the sun. What’s more, not only joy but you can also catch hold of your essential nutrient, Vitamin D, from the sun’s rays. Lack of this vitamin can be a cause for your seasonal swings, depression and even sleep disorders. If you don’t want anything to hamper your nap, shoot up your Vitamin D intake.

#3 Let the greens mix with purples

Switch over to a new life: Things you can do now to change your life

Having a single color in your bowl might seem quite a boring treat, isn’t it? Why not mix the different shades? Think about the green salad that you prepare. A little bit of purple and red over it could brighten you up. It is not just about the looks, but also the effect you get from doing so. Including beetroot or red cabbage on your green dish can lend you many health benefits such as improving your concentration, detoxifying your skin, and boosting your circulation. Now, next time you think of greens, invite the purple family as well. Add them to your salads, starters or main course; each had its bunch of significance.

#4 Massage it over

Switch over to a new life: Things you can do now to change your life

You might feel highly stressed out regarding your diet, job, life as a whole. In order to lower down your stress hormone and give yourself a break, head for a good massage. Apart from relaxing you down with good night sleep, a nice spa or home treatment can check on your frayed nerves and remove soreness. If you wish to relax both your body and mind and ward off all your problems for a while, a massage would do the right trick.

#5 Prioritise your tasks

prioritize your tasks

If you follow a mindset of postponing your tasks, you better mold that in your new life. Set your mind to finish off with the work that’s building up or wanting prompt attention for long. Going by the schedule will help you tackle off the jobs soon and keep you engaged. Besides finishing it away, you can say no to those negative thoughts that keep bothering you as you sit idle with no work to do.

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#6 Puzzle it out

puzzle it out

Want your brain to act smarter? Indulge yourself in solving the daily puzzles, or riddles or mind-boggling games that can exercise your intellect. In this manner, you can get double benefits viz. boosting your memory power along with cognitive training of your reasoning ability. The next time you get bored and sleepy, just grab a game of Sudoku and solve it. You will know the refreshing results for yourself!

#7 Refresh your life with sweet smells

refresh your life with sweet smells


Ever heard of the aromatherapy? Well, the simple fragrance of a cake baking, natural essential oils or a bunch of jasmines can swing your mood from South to the North. It is one of the best ways to bid goodbye to your lingering anxiety and stress. Furthermore, you can even beat the pain of menstruation, muscles, sleeping troubles and tiredness. The aroma will work magic on you and your surroundings as it adds to the aura.

#8 Smile along

smile along

You might have already acknowledged that your smile is contagious. It is something that you can easily give and share with the people around you. And, no taxes added to it! A smile often lightens up your heavy heart, instantly cheering you up. You can’t have much greater reason to smile than to realize that it makes you live longer and younger. So, the next time you step on a hurdle, face it with your upward curve of lips.

#9 Start your engine with water

start your engine with water

For your vehicle to start properly and efficiently, it needs to be fuelled up. Similarly, your body requires the power of external fuel to begin its work in a better manner. This fuel is nothing but your colorless liquid, water! Sticking to the rule of flushing out toxins from your body with one or two glasses of water in the morning can turn the tables in your favor. You will be able to start your day with more vigor and remain energized for the rest of the hours. After a gap of 7-8 hours during your nap, your system requires the fuelling. Do it the right way!

#10 Take a good night sleep

take a good night sleep

Do you know what lack of sleep does to you? You get irritated, depressed, put on weight, lose your beautiful hair and all the more get those tarry dark circles under your eyes. Do you want all these sea changes to hamper your aesthetics? No, right? Then shift your timetable to the day and enjoy the peaceful therapy of your bye-byes at night. Make sure that your sleeping style is correct. The best is to sleep on your left side or your back. Moreover, wear your loose, comfortable clothes before you head for your beauty sleep.

#11 Thinking lines

Switch over to a new life: Things you can do now to change your life

What are you thinking about now? You know that you have the potential to attract what you think. Yes, the universe has this power of attraction which implies everything, even on your thoughts. That’s the great secret now! Therefore, think before you think. Don’t ruin your life with negativity. Instead, let the positive take control over you. Start monitoring your thoughts from this moment itself.

#12 Vote for the black

Switch over to a new life: Things you can do now to change your life

Are you a coffee lover? How do like to have it? If you freshen up with the addition of milk and sweeteners to natural coffee then, unfortunately, you are not drawing out the exact benefits from this caffeine product. Rather, a cup of black coffee is something that activates your mind sooner than later and keeps you youthful for ages. This dark content stimulates you and serves as a medicine. Know that it is an addictive substance, so limit your use but make it worth it!

Start afresh! Anyways, it is better late than never. I hope these simple tips jump in to save your bacon.