Becoming a ‘Backpacking Fashionista’ for travels


Tips for the traveling and backpacking fashionista-Backpacking will never be similar to any normal travel. You somehow ought to fit it all in a sack. Backpacking may sound fun, but it’s a little tedious to maintain your style because sadly you can’t carry all of your beauty products and accessories. It’s not that much of an issue to be a jet-setter who’s fashionable.

Here are some tips that should help! Backpacking isn’t like normal travel. You have to fit everything into a backpack! As much fun as backpacking is, maintaining your style during travel can become a little cumbersome since you can’t take every single beauty/fashion product you own, but it’s not difficult to be a fashionable jet-setter. Here are some great tips and buys for all the backpacker travelers.

Tips for the traveling and backpacking fashionista

Travel Essentials For the Backpacking Fashionista

Tips for the traveling and backpacking fashionista.

  1. Purchase an anti-UV hat:

Anti uv hat

Spending quite some time hiking in beautiful villages can lead to tanning. An anti-UV hat is good to block the harsh rays of the sun off our face.


  1. Catch hold of foldable flip-flops:

Travel tips

The best part is obviously the fact that they fold. Even hand luggage! They additionally come with a transparent pouch, and hence you can avoid soiling of the things around.


  1. Opt for carrying along with travel sizes of those essential beauty products:

Travel size face wash

Many brands do offer mini travel versions of their products. If not, you could always choose to carry some in travel tubes or bottles, you find online.


  1. Try on a globe-binocular neckpiece:

Globe necklace

When you trot around the globe, why not accessorize yourself with a globe?


  1. Carry travel-regular body and face mist:

Forest Essentials Facial mist

To get energized every now and then when you travel through places, use face mists. Every time sweat has taken a toll on you, try body mists to cure the situation. It should help in making you feel refreshed. Using heavy oil-based perfumes will make you feel mushy under sweaty conditions.


  1. Use an all-in-one backpack:

White bag

It should be able to withhold most of your things like medicines, cosmetics, jewelry, toiletries, etc.


  1. Carry refreshing wipes and feminine wipes in handy always:

Facial wipes

After a tiring journey, the refreshing wipes can really be handy. The hand wipes can be used on your armpits and behind the neck too. Don’t forget to pop in 1 or 2 feminine wipes in your bag, on other days as well, just in case.


  1. Go for a mini straightener:

These are light in weight and compact in nature. One can straighten those small portions of hair with ease!


  1. Carry a foldable sling bag:

Unfold this sling after reaching the destination of travel to carry along fewer essentials like sunglasses, money, mists, wipes, etc.