What hand holding says about your relationship-Hands are the most used parts of our body. We not only use our hands for carrying out day to day activities but also for interacting and communicating with people without using words. The way we use our hands to communicate with our partners reveals the true secrets of our relationship.According to a survey, oxytocin is released when we hold hands of our partner, which is more than kissing.

The actual connection you have with your partner can be known through your physical touches and contacts. One of those touches includes holding hands. Holding hands shows the amount of formality, familiarity, dominance, and even submissiveness towards your partner. You don’t even have the idea as to how much you are conveying through the way you are holding your partner’s hands. So let’s have a look at different ways of holding hands and find out their significance.

What hand holding says about your relationship

1. Downward facing palms.

what hand holding says about your relationship

This type of gesture says that the person is capable of making his own decisions and has a strong personality. They are confident and have plenty of affection for their partner. They are the dominant one in the relationship and are always overprotective.

2. The One-Finger Hold

what hand holding says about your relationship

This gesture reveals that you both are free-spirited and independent people. They have a world outside of their relationship as well. They have their own interests passions and desires. Though they enjoy their own individuality and space, they have a very strong connection with their partners.

3. The Interlocked Fingers

This gesture reveals that you have a very strong connection with your partner and you both have a passionate relationship. They are out of the infatuation stage and are extremely serious about each other. They are caring, comfortable, vulnerable and honest in their relationship.

4. Over-The-Shoulder Hold

If you hold hands like this, you are very protective of your partner. You are not afraid of displaying your affection for each other in public. You share a strong, intimate and proud relationship.


5. Hand Wrapper

This gesture is also a sign of overprotectiveness. You have a strong bond with your partner and are codependent on them. So, you need to carefully evaluate where your relationship is headed.

6. Subtle Touches

When you are in a flirtatious and playful mood, you tend to hold hands like this. You elusively brush your fingers on your partner’s hand. But, if your partner shows this gesture too often, it means that they are not serious about your relationship.

7. Firm Grip

If your partner holds your hand in this manner, it shows their dominance in the relationship. It conveys that they want to be the in charge of the relationship.

8. The Wrist Grab

It is a confusing gesture. It is an unclear sign of either a healthy or an unhealthy relationship. It may make your partner look quite aggressive and assertive but tells that your partner is in fact very passionate. If you’re also interlocking the bottom half of your arms, it shows your passion and intimacy towards each other.

9. The “My Lady”

You might have seen this gesture in wedding photographs. It suggests that you have a firmness in your relationship. You are possessive about each other, and your relationship is an intense one. You have a healthy relationship based on trust and honor and respect for each other.

10. Hand On Top

This gesture suggests that your partner’s literally got your back. They are protective of you. And don’t you just love it when your hand is resting on the leg and suddenly your partner approaches, embracing it with their hand? This is probably the sweetest gesture!

11. The Double-Hand Hold

When the person you love touches you, your brain produces oxytocin, which is responsible for that warm, fuzzy feeling you get.This gesture is good but only up to a certain extent. If your partner holds your hand in this manner only, then it is a sign of excessive possessiveness and obsessiveness.

12. The Linked Arm.

This is the most common type of gesture which you probably see daily, anywhere and everywhere. If your partner hols your hand like this, it is because they are insecure and they seek protection in the relationship.

13. The Non-Hold

If your partner doesn’t like holding hands, and instead they place their hand on your butt, it reveals nothing but the physical attraction that they have for you. These type of people are not into serious commitments and are only wasting your time.