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Tips To Take Care Of Sensitive Eyes


At least once in our existence, we face problems with eyesight. There are problems like itching, pain, and redness too that our eyes suffer from. Having sensitive eyes means that you encounter these issues more often and you need to care for them well.

Let us have a look at what methods we should follow to help care for our eyes better.

To ensure that a proper hygienic environment is maintained for your eyes, make sure that your dirty hands never come in contact with your eyes. Make sure the face towels you used are washed regularly to avoid any unwanted infections. The towel shouldn’t come in direct contact with the eyes!

2. Specs are Safer.

Although lenses are in vogue these days, opting for glasses if you have sensitive eyes is the correct decision. They don’t touch your eyes, and you can avoid all the hassles and irritation which come along with wearing lenses.

3. Washing the makeup tools regularly.

Sensitive eyes do not call for giving up on makeup altogether. Rinse away the makeup before you go to bed and make sure that you wash and dry your makeup tools regularly. Use cosmetics that are specially designed for hypoallergic people and do not share your makeup with anyone.

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4. Applying mascara

Choose mascaras that are simple and can be washed with water. Don’t go for the ones who have color additives present in them. It is a better option to apply it to the upper lashes rather than the lower ones.

5. Avoid straining.

Tips To Take Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Don’t read in dim lit conditions. It can deteriorate your eyesight. It increases muscle tension and can magnify your sensitivity issue. Read in a perfectly lit room. Reading in a moving vehicle or any kind of motion-based activity will also cause muscles to strain.

6. Make digital products less harmful.

Tips To Take Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Continually using digital media can stress our eyes. Focusing on the screen for long hours can harm our eyes. Blink often and maintain a safe distance from the screen. Limit the use of the devices as long as you can. Use computer glasses or take small breaks often to give your eyes some rest.

7. Eye-recovery when you are sleeping

Tips To Take Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Your eyes need rest too, just like the rest of your body. Tired eyes are more vulnerable to sensitivity. A good health regime is essential so that your eyes remain healthy. Sleep for an adequate number of hours to make sure that they recover.

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8. Eye protection

Tips To Take Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Use glares to protect your eyes from UV rays. You will suffer from eye burns if you spend long hours in the harsh sun. Even in winters, protect your eyes. Make sure you use goggles while indulging in any winter sports.

9. Food for the eyes

Tips To Take Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Include healthy elements in your diet which are inclusive of nuts, seafood, leafy greens, eggs, and citrus fruits.

10. Warm and cold compresses for treating redness

Tips To Take Care Of Sensitive Eyes

Make a compress for yourself to treat the redness. Try a warm one first and if that doesn’t work, try a cool one. You will need to wet the towel in both cases. Make sure the temperature is comfortable for your skin and then let the compress stay for 10 minutes.

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