11 Genius Beauty Hacks That’ll Change Your Life


Genius Beauty Hacks-Make up sounds a pretty easy thing to do but when you do it you come to know that even a small mistake can ruin your whole look. There is a process of applying all the makeup products step by step and it consumes most of our time in getting a perfect look for a day. These genius beauty hacks will make sure that you don’t encounter makeup mistakes and get your desired look in just a couple of minutes.

Look at Life-changing genius beauty hacks

Apply foundation at the center of your face and blend it out

Genius Beauty Hacks

Applying foundation first to the center part will make it easier to spread it and blend out and make sure that you apply it in thin layers as applying it in bulk will make your foundation cakey and you will experience some lines over your foundation.

Fill your brows the right way

Genius Beauty Hacks

For perfectly shaped and fuller eyebrows eyebrow pencil are a must. First of all outline your eyebrows and then go to the inner portion. Fill the sparse area and the area containing the shorter hair and then go for a little bit longer ones.

Use tiny hair strokes to make your eyebrows look natural

For making the eyebrows look much fuller and arched use tiny hair strokes and make sure that you are not harsh on them as it could lead to breakage of the hair and it would result in the creation of sparse area.

Use a spoolie brush to blend out the product

If you don’t want that artificial look to your face that you must use the spoolie brush to blend out the pencil in the eyebrow to make it look much natural. First of all, outline your eyebrows with the pencil of the same shade of the eyebrows and then use the spoolie brush to blend it out in the hair.

Follow the natural shape of your brows

Women in love of high arched eyebrows ignore the natural arch of the eyebrows and go for artificial arched eyebrows using pencils which give a pretty dramatic look because only the natural arched eyebrows can give proper definition to our face.

Use brow mascara to conceal the sparse area

Some of us are one of them who have less hair in eyebrows or have plucked the eyebrows too much which have created sparse area and that area needs to be filled. For the filling process, Use brow mascara and the angles brush.

Switch up your part using water and blow dryer

If you are thinking about changing your hairstyle then definitely you will need water and blow dryer. First, do your regular hairstyle and damp it a little bit and then change your hairstyle and again damp it a little bit. After changing the hairstyles use a blow dryer to make the hairstyle stay for a longer period of time.

Use dots to get symmetrical winged eyeliner

You can use this 11 genius beauty in many fields of life hacks well, Not everybody is like a professional in applying eyeliner and if you are a beginner then you must first apply dots on the upper lash and then connect them turn by turn and at last go for the arch after connecting the dots over the top lash line.

Quickly part your hair for a straight line

If you want the straight partition of your hair then you must increase your speed of partition as if you do it in the slow nation than probably you won’t get the desired partition of your hair as shaking hands will never be able to do the straight partition.

Create cool girl waves with your curling wand

For cool girl waves, you will have to distribute your hair into smaller section almost 1 inch wider. Now take one particular section of the hair and then wrap it up around the curling wand (the heated part only) and hold it for few seconds and then release it. It will give you lose waves.

Tie pigtails together to keep your tight low bun

If you want your bun to stay for a longer period of time then you should use the explained method that ties your pigtails as close as possible at the back of your head and then wrap up the tails to create a bun and then secure this bun by using several bobby pins.