Games are so popular that it’s the first tab you see when you open the app and it has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. Today trend crown has collected for you the best android games available on the Google Play Store.

Best Android games available on play store

Dog’s Fantasy World – 3D Runner Game

Top 5 Android Games Of 2021 You Must Try

Dog’s Fantasy World is based on a Fantasy Dream World of a Cute Pup Dog. He’s exploring the fantastic world and keeping distance from many obstacles. There’s a lot of risk for him from exploring this new world, and he’s aware of that.

But For the Dog, this fantasy world is his life dream. He’ll face off all the obstacles and explore as much as he can.

Will you be his partner and help him explore the fantasy world and save him from Obstacles? If yes, start the incredible dog’s fantasy world in 3D Runner Now.

Jones – Lost In The Jungle

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Jones – Lost in The Jungle is an awesome platformer game. It is available for free.

Jones needs your help to cross the jungles and complete his quests.

Are you willing to help him? If yes play now.

Jones Adventures team is going to keep working on this team to keep improving so you can expect regular updates.

Wow Race 3D

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Worfiy Studios is proud to launch the most fun-to-play game of 2020, The WOW Race 3D. It’s a 3D Hyper Casual Game with So Many Obstacles.

We Hope All Our Users will have fun playing this amazing game.

This game is designed for everyone to have a fun experience while competing with others in racing. We truly hope everyone will love this game and we’re committed to keeping improving this game.

Super Adventure Run

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One of the best android games of 2021 it’s my personal favorite game. Start your journey to the incredible world of a super adventure run. This game has 4 different worlds and many levels to play with.

Play with different worlds, including hill world, lava adventure, snow world & many more.

This is the new super adventure game and includes 4 different characters to play with.

Collect the coins in the game and redeem them for more changes, fire, and more.

We hope everyone will love and enjoy playing a super adventure world. We’re waiting for your feedback so we can keep improving the game.

Ball Run 3D

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Run The Ball through the awesome universe of blocks full of challenges and fun to play with.

Ball Run 3D is an amazing 3D running game with 2 options for control default being tilt and secondary using touch.

Collect the diamonds in the game to unlock 8 different types of balls and getting superpowers such as Shield, Magnet, and 2x Diamonds.

This game is divided into 6 levels of an endless runner.

Play the amazing hyper-casual game of 2020 and we recommend playing this with tilt control for more fun.

We hope everyone will have fun while playing this game and can’t wait to hear your reviews. We’re committed to improvements and new features for this game in the future.