Top 6 Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around The World


We all have a traveler inside of us, whether we travel around the world or within our country. This article portrays the top dangerous tourist destinations that can even be life-threatening. These places are all very beautiful, so maybe you won’t agree with them being dangerous, read more to find out.

  • Somalia

Top 6 Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around The World

You have probably heard the stories about pirates around Somalian waters, it is true but currently, pirates are not the biggest threat surrounding you in Somalia. A terror group, al-Shabaab, has been on the rise and they are gaining control over the major cities of the country. This group continues to demonstrate their power by penetrating into government-controlled areas and carrying deadly attacks.

The country is also on the brink of being hit by a famine which will certainly lead to starvation, forcing a mass migration.

  • Mount Hua, China

Top 6 Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around The World


Mount Hua is the western mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China, and it has a long history of religious significance. It is a beautiful place, but it is a perilous 6km hike to the top of the mountain from which you might never want to climb down. It is dangerous because tourists walk on a wooden plank that has holes punched through it. The planks are only inches wide and supported on the face of the mountain. There is scarcely enough room on the plank to allow safe passage to one visitor at a time. Even though tourists will be strapped to a harness, there is a steep fall leading to certain death if anything goes wrong.

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  • Peru

Top 6 Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around The World

Peru has become synonymous with ancient civilizations such as the Macchu Pichu. You might think what is wrong about wandering around such beautifully preserved places. Do not forget that if you accidentally walk off the tourist trail, then there are thick forests where you could get lost. Drug cartels and terrorist groups have a very strong influence in this area, and you might turn up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

The coastal region of Peru is highly prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods, tsunamis, volcanoes. If you are planning to visit this place, then take all the necessary precautions and follow safety guidelines.

  • Philippines

There is no doubt that the Philippines is very mesmerizing, but it would be wise to stay clear of it for now as the terror group is becoming very prominent, threatening the safety of the entire region. Abu Sayyaf, one of the four active terror groups, have taken siege of Marawi. The Filipino army is vulnerable enough to ask for help from the US Army without the permission of their president.

Moreover, the country has also been declared as being at risk for natural disasters like hurricanes, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

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  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Top 6 Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around The World

Rio de Janeiro sparks the picture of Christ The Redeemer in our minds. It is another beautiful city that was once infamous for robbery and fraud. Even though the city has become quite safe and hosted the last Olympics, we cannot surely say that you can let your gaurd down and roam around freely. A high number of tourists still get robbed and even fall prey to con-artists.

  • Venezuela

Top 6 Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around The World

Venezuela is like a dream come true, with magnificent surf beaches and the highest waterfall in the world. The only threat to a tourist is the protests that are breaking out around the country against an attempted dictatorship by their president, Nicholas Maduro. Shootings take place to suppress the protestors which can be very dangerous if you’re caught in between.

The country also has an economic downfall, leading to a scarcity of food and drinking water.