Cosmetics that are not so worthy


Useless cosmetics-There is no lady who is away from cosmetics. They use cosmetics as their fundamental right but the point is that are they very friendly with those contents? Also, they use every cosmetic without knowing if the particular is going to help them or not. Let’s see what they that shouldn’t be.

Useless cosmetics

  • Eyelash primer

Useless cosmetics

Eyelash primer is not worthy of you as mascara and eyelash curler can replace that.

  • Cellulite

If you are buying the products having cellulite, we suggest you not to do so because they are not beneficial for skin as well as not harmful too. They are just neutral.

  • Face water spray

Do not go for the face water spray because it is nothing more than the money waste.

  • Shaving cream for the ladies

Don’t buy an especial shaving cream but you can shave with the conditioner too.

  • Expenses for shampoo

If you are suffering from hair fall problem, do not go for the expensive shampoo because hair fall happens due to stress and pollution. Take other precautions for that.

  • Different creams for body parts

You can use a good skin care cream on your whole body. Do not buy various creams for hands, foot, and face.

  • Cuticle oil

You can use moisturizer in place of cuticle oil.