7 Best Medical Ways To Check Your Health


Test your health at home-You should visit a doctor for your complete medical examination at least once a year to take care of your health. Between the doctor visits, you should also watch your health. You should go for some individual tests to diagnose a severe illness.

We have made a list of tests that you should go to reduce the risk of serious illness.

Heart and lung disease

7 Ways to test your health at home

You have to keep your fingers as shown in the above figure in the shape of “J.” See whether there is a tiny diamond in between your nails. If there is a small diamond, then it means that your heart and blood vessels are healthy.

If there is no space between your nails, it means that your fingers have become thicker which means that the blood in your body does not have enough oxygen. There can be multiple reasons for this because of which deficiency of oxygen takes place. Lung problems, cardiovascular diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases may occur with the scarcity of oxygen.

Stroke and dementia

For this test, you need a timer. You have to lift your leg so that your hip becomes parallel to the floor and after this position, start a timer. If you can stand up in this position for twenty minutes or more than it, then it means that you have very less risk of having strokes or dementia. They may be a problem with the vessels of the brain if you are unable to stand in this position.


You have to pull down your eyelid by standing in front of the mirror. If you see the pink color, it means that everything is okay with you. The color can be pale yellow if you have anemia. It is caused due to deficiency of hemoglobin which means that the muscles and tissues of your body are not getting enough oxygen, so they do not work 100%. If this symptom, then you should visit the doctor to examine your problem.

Hormonal imbalance and lack of microelements

It is a natural process to lose hair. We lose around 50 to 100 hairs every day according to the doctors. You should not worry about such hair loss. You can have a simple test to know that when it is time to worry about hair fall.

For this test, your hair should be clean and dry. Pull small lock of hair slowly. It is normal if you get about 2-3 hair in your hand. You may have a problem if you get more hair in your hand and should visit the doctor.

There can be many other reasons for hair loss like poor hygiene, stress, and health issues. Due to hormonal imbalance, hair may become thin. You should not ignore these symptoms.

Carpel tunnel syndrome

It is the test to detect the problem for professionals like office workers, bikers, and artists.

In this test, you have to lift your hand so that your forearms become parallel to the face. With the tips of your fingers, you should try to reach the base of your palm. You are fine if you can do it for 1-2 minutes. If you feel difficulty in doing so, then it is the symptom of tunnel syndrome.

This disease takes place when the adjacent tissues get pressed on the median nerve. Without the proper treatment of this problem, the pain can get worse.


You need another person’s help with this test. Your partner has to take a pencil and eraser. The person has to touch your foot and toes with a sharp pencil and eraser. If you do not feel the delicate touch, then it means that the nerve endings of your feet do not work correctly. It is a low sensitivity which can be the indicator of diabetes.

Arterial problems

In this test, you have to put your feet up at the angle of 45-degrees while lying on the floor. Stay in the position for several minutes. Now check the color of your feet. If the color of your feet is pale or almost white, then it is the sign of bad blood circulation. You can see the color changes in one or both feet.