12 Ways Which Ensure Makeup Will Not Run off In Hot Water


Stop your makeup from melting in the summer-A real endurance test for the everyday makeup is the hot weather. We are here with some advice to help you to deal with this problem in applying cosmetic products during the hot summer months & some makeup mistakes ruin your whole look.

Choosing the right cream

12 Ways to stop your makeup from melting in the summer

To stop your makeup from melting in the summer, you should avoid using the oil-based creams, the top stylists and dermatologists recommend it.

Using a foundation for the makeup

You should apply moisturizer and primer on your face before using a toner. Your makeup will last longer with this technique that will make a definite plus on the hot days.

Applying cosmetics

You should not use cosmetic products with your finger. Instead, use sponges and brushes to apply makeup on your face. These things will make sure that the composition employed on your face is in a thin layer. To go out in the summer days, you should use the powder in the thin layers.

Using instant tanners

Your eyes may look brighter because of the instant tanners and bronzers, and they may also set off the whiteness of your teeth. You should apply the cosmetic products in the areas like forehead, chin, cheekbones, and nose which are the most prone areas to tanning. It will give you a more fresh and natural look.

Keeping your makeup to a minimum

Most of the times in summer, our makeup melts because it fails to pass the heat challenge. So to stop your makeup from melting in the summer you should apply less makeup on your face and will look better. You should apply by combining some moisturizing cream and concealer on your face and use mascara. These items will be sufficient for you to look better through the complete summer days.

Combating greasy sheen

You always want to hold healthy and shiny skin. You will not feel quite happy if your skin releases more greasy luster in the hot summer season. You should try applying light-colored cream foundations to prevent your skin from being more glossy. These foundations when get interacted with the fat on your face becomes visibly darker.

Avoiding saturated colors

You should make sure that the cosmetic products you use on your skin should not include saturated, deep colors. The deep colors may negatively alter your facial features, and your eyelids may appear heavy. You should use pastel and nude makeup shades.

Choosing ideal eyeshadows

The heat in the hot summer days may curdle the cream-based eyeshadows and will form small lumps all over the eyelids. Your face may appear unkempt. You should try liquid eyeshadows to avoid this problem. Liquid eyeshadows are very easy to use, and you can apply it evenly on your whole face. Your skin quickly absorbs them and stay for a long time on your face without melting by heat.

Using rouges

The dry cosmetics which you cannot avoid coming into contact with sweat in the sweltering weather. The unsightly stains may appear on your face due to this. You can choose liquid rouges to prevent it and to get a healthy glow on your face. And your skin will be able to breath healthy.

Choosing the right face powder

You should not use pressed powders on hot summer days. These products become solid when coming in direct contact with sweat and sunlight and form crust on your face. You should use loose powders to avoid this problem. The loose powders will keep your makeup fresh for many hours.

Selecting durable mascara

These mascaras are indispensable throughout the bathing season. These mascaras will not lead you down during rainy summer days.

Choose a suitable eye and brow pencil.

In the hot days, you should avoid using wax-based pencils. Your makeup can go runny even with a brief walk in the sun.

Applying the right lipstick

You should avoid using long-lasting lipsticks in the hot summer days. These lipsticks have a strong parching effect on the lips. Instead, you should use lip glosses. It is straightforward to fix this makeup and will also provide proper nutrition to your skin.