We all have grown watching cartoon channels on a daily basis. That’s the best part of our childhood, especially for a 90’s kid. There were some of the popular shows of those times which almost every 90’s kid have watched. But have they ever observed on some weird and hilarious details in their favorite shows? Can’t think of one? Here we listed few of the popular cartoon shows of those times with their weird facts about cartoon shows so have a look-

1) Tom and Jerry nakedness
This was one of the most famous cartoon series for the 90’s kid. Even today it has still maintained its legacy. But have you ever observed that they remain naked all the time apart from when they visit a beach?

Weird facts about cartoon shows
2) Have a look at their Father’s portrait
Observing at their Father portraits can easily point out the mistakes.

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Weird facts about cartoon shows
3) Headphones placed at the wrong place
He has bunny ears, not the human ears!

Weird facts about cartoon shows
4) The Flinstones’ celebrating Christmas
The Flinstone’s was the story of the Stone Age period and it has been shown I one of the episodes that they were celebrating Christmas. Well, this is strange as it is mentioned that Jesus Christ was born after the Stone Age period.

Weird facts about cartoon shows
5) Both are dogs
This time Disney nailed it. Both the owner and its pet are a dog!

Weird facts about cartoon shows
6) Another mistake by Donald Duck
Donald Duck never wore his lower pants but in this picture, he is pretending as if he is naked.

Weird facts about cartoon shows
7) Eek a mouse
A mouse is getting afraid by looking at another mouse.

Weird facts about cartoon shows
8) Look the way she was holding the chopsticks
She does not possess any fingers and she is holding a pair of chopsticks with her hand.

Weird facts about cartoon shows
9) Listening music through eyes
This is illogical.

10) Why would a Prince kiss a corpse?
It was strange as the prince founds a corpse of Snow White in the woods and kisses her too!

Weird facts about cartoon shows
11) Another mistake from Cinderella
Remember that shoe fitting scene in Cinderella? Have you thought that no one in the whole town wears the same shoe size as Cinderella?

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Weird facts about cartoon shows
12) Another one from Tarzan
Tarzan learns to speak English from an English speaking woman that too with an American accent. How is that even possible?

13) Ducks eating Chicken
That’s something really funny. Ducks eating chicken!

14) How did he do that?
I still imagine how did he slip that T-shirt down his face with such a small neck?

15) Dexter’s secret lab
Have you ever wondered how did Dexter’s family didn’t know about his lab?

Weird facts about cartoon shows
16) Sponge washing plates with another sponge
Every one of us knows that sponge bob was a sponge and being a sponge he was cleaning dish plates with another sponge.

17) Another one from Dexter’s
Being a great scientist and inventor he hadn’t developed a security system for his lab which can stop his sister entering into it! I mean this is weird.