Here’s How Your Fingernail Shape Can Reveal A Lot About Who You Are


What does your nails shape reveal about you-Every one of us has a particular nail shape. Some have oval; others have round, and many more. The natural shape of our nail speaks a lot about our personality.

  1. Square


People with a square nail shape are usually calm and relaxed. They love to spend their time outside as much as they like to spend time with themselves. Be it a party or Netflix and chill; they are also the chill pill ones.

2. Fair and Square

Individuals with this particular nail shape are confident and relaxed. They love to dress up sober and straightforward which matches their mood. These people are easy going, and their simple attitude makes them an excellent company to have around.

3. Round nail shape

People with a round nail shape are the classiest ones.  Their nails are usually short, trim and clean, and cant is bothered about long nails maintenance. They have a liking for classical music and movies. Their style of fashion seems effortless, yet gorgeous. They are like the rockstars in the group.

4. Round Peg in a Square Hole

Individuals with such a nail shape would surely opt for a French manicure with nude hues. Their dressing sense and fashion match with your quirky attitude. Red wine on Friday nights is their favorite choice.

5. Oval

‘Sophistication and perfection’ is their motto. They are kind of people who won’t even leave their house until they have the perfect makeup and manicure. Their style is always flawless.

6. Squared Oval

They are a mix of square and oval nail shaped personalities. They are balanced, and they often choose the middle way in case of a dilemma. They are quite spiritual and are usually at peace with their choices.

7. The Squoval

People with this nail shape are so relaxed that it tends to pull people towards them. Pastel or calm lighter shades of colours are their favourites. They are quite open-minded and have good analytical skills. They can see life from various perspective.

8. Almond

Individuals with this nail shape are an adventure lover. They are good at planning out stuff and are organized. Others might believe that these people are quick and spontaneous, but it’s not true.

9. Almond Joy

They are the ones who have the big handbag full of stuff, in case someone needs something. They are s sport when it comes to trying something new, but only after they know that its safe for them. Others usually appreciate this attitude.

10. Coffin

Coffin shaped nails are like the new bee in the market. It’s like the cutting edge style in fashion. They try all sort of new styles which is usually out of the box. They are as unique as their nails are.

11. Stiletto

People with stiletto shaped nails are the ultimate glamour queen. They are the ones who seem to be extra with their style. They love shopping, which is quite apparent.

12. Six-inch Stilettoes

Individuals with this nail shape are the unique ones. No matter where they look, only the shimmer and sparkling with catch their attention. They love extravagance. These people are drawn towards the more elegant parts of life, and this enthusiasm seems to draw people towards them.

Which one are you?