There are lots of good reasons to become a qualified nurse. A desire to help people is one reason, and the shortage of nurses is another. If you’re unsure about pursuing nursing as a career, then read on.

Nursing shortage

Attracting new people to nursing can be challenging for a number of reasons. Although some people may be interested in this career path, they may worry about the cost of training, the length of time, and the amount of study involved. These are all valid concerns, but undertaking a Master of Science in Nursing degree can pay off in the long term.

Always having a career

There will always be a need for qualified nurses, ensuring that you have a lasting career, and have options about where you work. It may take longer to get qualified than many other jobs, but as a career choice, it is more stable than many other careers. Even if your place of work has cutbacks, there will be a demand for your experience elsewhere. There is also the opportunity to undertake further training to specialize or progress later in your career. This is great if you find that after several years of experience, you prefer to work with the elderly, younger people, or with those who have specific health conditions. You will have a career that can span the rest of your working life, but it doesn’t have to be in the same role as when you start out. If you’re concerned about committing so much time and money, only to change your mind later, then you don’t have to worry – your qualification and experience can always be expanded on.

The financial outlay for your education should be seen as an investment that you will get back, not just in terms of a salary, but by also having the security of a nursing career.

Helping others

Helping others is a big part of why people get into nursing. While you will be compensated more as you progress in your career, the passion for helping people and dedicating your time is the basis for the most successful nursing careers. There is no doubt that it can be a tough job with long hours, and you should be prepared to sacrifice some of your social life. However, seeing the results of those you help, even if it’s just making them comfortable and being there to listen, is just as rewarding as the financial aspect of your role.

If you’ve experienced looking after a loved one, then you will already know something about nursing and whether you may be suitable for a career in which you help others.

Even though becoming a qualified nurse takes a lot of commitment, it will pay off in so many ways and can open doors to specialisms that you might not have considered before. If you’re thinking about starting down the path of becoming qualified, then it’s worth exploring your options.