Women can defeat men easily in the race of life-Women, probably the most unpredictable species in the world. But after research and survey, it has been proven that they live longer than men. Yes, we all know that women are so possessive about their looks and body, but this is not the reason we are looking for. Along with their look and body, women consider their safety as the priority. I thought the phrase women’s first is proposed by a women-only. But don’t believe words only. Let ‘s take a look at these pictures which proves this claim.


Have NO Idea What They Are Doing:

Women Can Defeat Men Easily In The Race Of Life

It has no sense of what they are doing and how much they are in danger of doing such a job. The word part is, it is not even necessary to take such a risk. Seriously, was it necessary?


What Next?

Women Can Defeat Men Easily In The Race Of Life

How much insecure can someone be? These groups of men had no idea what is going to happen next. Or maybe they do know it. And still ready to take that risk. How Could you?


Let us Feel The Shock Together:

Women Can Defeat Men Easily In The Race Of Life

These men surely have forgotten all the chapters of electricity they read in school. A small mistake with the socket and all we see next is three charged bodies.


Had he taken the Precaution?

Women Can Defeat Men Easily In The Race Of Life

This man seems to have so smart taking out the way to paint the exterior of his house but has no love for his life. For him, the house is more important than his life.


My Way Of Handling This Machine:

Women Can Defeat Men Easily In The Race Of Life

This man has no idea what will happen next this machine ends his task of cutting that part of the rock. What we will see next is upside down. That is now the machine is above the man. You can imagine that yourselves.


Wearing Pants, In Legends Style:Women Can Defeat Men Easily In The Race Of Life

Are you bored with the same style of wearing your pants then you must try this new way, but at your risks? This man has no matter what will be the circumstances of these deeds. All he knows is to wear pants differently.


Off to summer holidays? Try these new Shades:

Women Can Defeat Men Easily In The Race Of Life

Safe from the sun but unsafe from life. These men have figured out their way of having shade in sun rays. What if the crane loses control.

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Electric Man:

Checking connection by connecting Myself, if I get a shock, consider that connection is clear. This man has crossed all the limits of doing his work and made himself will fall into danger.


 Applying Plaster:

This probably is the bravest labor, who don’t need any support system to do his job. This man caught plastering the outer wall of this building by taking the support of the same this he is plastering. You must stick yourself before sticking cement.


Window Must be Cleaned at Any Cost

This window cleaner just took one rope support and started cleaning the outer window glass. And the rope is also in the hands of such a man who will fall himself if he tries to save that man.


The glass is Flammable, but not for me:

This man was told to do glass work but was not told this the glass is of which type. This man was smoking near the flammable glass, while he was working on it.


We Don’t Need Stage:

These domestic workers have been working more on bodybuilding and less in their homes. In this picture, this pair of men risked their bodies to do a small job they could have done with the help of a table and chair. Let’s see what you can do with your shoulders.


What Kind Of Man Is He? Oh, they are Two men.

It was not easy to understand what is there in this picture. At first sight, it was a horrible view, and then we get to understand that it is cleaning the drain where one is inside, and the other is holding him ensuring he doesn’t fall. But see, How he is holding him.


Fire Show:

This is some superhuman stuff. This man was not at all worried about, what flames can do to him. He casually held the rod-like it is pipe throwing water. Beware, this is the flame man.


Trust us; we won’t leave you.

This was next-level stuff. Unblocking the drain can be done in two ways, but this third way by making it upside down is indeed the hilarious risk-taker man. The more you trust, the more it is broken, he trusted twice at the same time.


Thank you…