16 rules of makeup we need to be free from!


Rules of makeup-Everything have some certain rules and we seem to be bound in following them. Makeup is also one of them. Internet and fashion magazines are full of with rules of makeup and when it comes to us, we feel like we must follow these rules because beauty must not be fell in any compromise. Some rules must be followed but basics are needed to be away from us as they are only myths.

16 rules of makeup

  • Red lipstick makes everyone charming

rules of makeup

Every girl likes red color most but it is also a reality that red lipstick doesn’t suit everyone so, we must choose the color according to our skin tone. There must be a preference of matching lipstick with our skin tone.

  • Dry mascara is useless

Mascara is useful for three months from the date of first use but it gets dry within this time period. Dry mascara is not needed to be thrown because it can be used again with the droplets of water as we mix in it.

  • Dip the mascara wand into the tube to get rid of the extra material

We must avoid this deed because it is very unhealthy as while doing this, again and again, bacteria can enter into the tube and that mascara can harm our eyes.

  • Remove makeup before sleeping

It is not necessary to remove makeup every time when we are going to sleep because makeup prevents skin to be extra moisture which gives us fresh feeling when we wake up in the morning.

  • Cosmetics have no expiry dates

Most of the time, it is seen that we use cosmetic unless it gets finished and we don’t care about the expiry date of them but we must avoid this because everything has a limit to survive and cosmetics are also bound within this circle so, we are supposed to use these cosmetics under the dates of survival.

  • No need to wash the brushes

We must wash our brushes after every use. If we can’t do this every time at least we must wash our brushes after doing makeup for two times.

  • Keep cosmetics like our choice

Cosmetics can be harmful if they are not kept like the instructions given back on the cover for the particular user. So, we are suggested to put them according to their order rather than ours.

  • Waterproof mascara can be used daily

Waterproof mascara is suggested to be applied only when we need to prevent our makeup from water otherwise we must apply ordinary mascara because waterproof mascara is needed to be removed hardly and can weaken our eyelashes.

  • Apply a moisturizer with primer

There is no need to apply moisturizer before or together applying primer because primer already smoothens our skin to make our makeup long-lasting.

  • Concealer before foundation

Concealer should not be applied before foundation because the base is needed everywhere. First, we should apply the foundation and then go for concealer.

  • Foundation doesn’t need to choice

This is a myth that we can use any foundation for our skin. It is totally wrong and doing this is like to do unjust with our skin. A good foundation contains Spf that protects our skin from the chemical mash up with makeup materials so, we are advised to choose a quality foundation for our makeup that can protect our skin rather harm.

  • Eyebrows color must be darker than our hair

We can follow this rule only if the color of our eyebrow is very light. We can then dark our eyebrows but there are notable points that the color of eyebrow must be given in a natural manner and it should not look like dramatic or unnatural. If our eyebrows are not dark like our hair but they are dark enough as they are not very much light then we are not needed to apply extra pencil to them. Extra color can make us feel uncomfortable.

  • Lip liner can make our lips better than thin

Most of the times, lip liners do not look pretty and beautiful. Lip liners look pretty only if they have been applied perfectly by a makeup artist otherwise commonly it looks fake and unnatural and this is only a myth that thin lips can be made beautiful by lip liners. Thin lips do not look ugly or bad but if we are feeling them ugly, we can apply some shiny face powder or eyeshadows over the point of Cupid’s bow and put shiny lip gloss in the middle of the lower lip. It will look beautiful and pretty, also it will make us feel the beauty.

  • Thick eyeliner makes eyes bigger

This perception is not very right.  Eyeliner can show a little different shape than the before ones only if it is applied with light eyeshadows. If we are doing smoky eye makeup, we should use thick and dark liner matching with eyeshadows. It will look good. We should apply light eyeshadows and eyeliners to the inner eyelashes as they will look like bigger than the previous and real.

  • Foundation cannot be applied to the eye’s area

We, most of the times, hear that we should not apply foundation around the eyes but it is narrated due to medical reason as this area is very delicate and sensitive and foundation can harm that but for beauty purpose, we can apply alcohol-free foundation. It will not harm our skin and complete the requirements of basic makeup beauty. It also does not dry the skin or give wrinkles.

  • Blue eyeshadow is outdated

If we are thinking that blue eyeshadows are no longer in fashion today, it is totally wrong as they are not expired from today’s fashion. We can apply blue eyeshadow with some combinations as we can use black eyeliner and apply blue eyeshadow along with this. It will look cool and unique.

Makeup is applied to look perfect so we are supposed to be aware of the right way first as we have to give shape our beauty. So, these are 16 contents which must be avoided and if we want to follow them, we must first apply logic and then think to proceed with the certain criteria.