8 enemies of perfect eyeliner we must get off


8 eyeliner mistakes-A woman is supposed as the symbol of beauty and attraction. Every woman is beautiful in itself, but she needs to conduct her beauty in shape. Makeup is the best treatment for every woman to give her extra charm. Eyes are the most appealing part of the women as everyone first sees them. Eyeliner gives a shape of beauty to them, but it must be applied correctly. Here we are going to talk about 8 mistakes which must be avoided by everyone-

8 eyeliner mistakes that can ruin your whole look

  • Mistake 1. Without base         8 eyeliner mistakes

Before applying eyeliner, we must apply base matching to our skin tone. Most of the time it is seen that we miss this step but it must not be happed because it is the most important step of the beginning.

  •  Mistake 2. Both sides of eyes

Women should take care of applying eyeliner as it must not go to both sides of the eyes. This type of eyeliner gives ‘Panda’ look to them.

  • Mistake 3. Avoidance of using proper tools

It is commonly seen that women apply eyeliner without using tools like scotch tapes the reason you make eyeliner mistakes but it is necessary to use these types of tools to give a perfect shape to the eyes.

  •  Mistake 4. Curling the eyelids after applying eyeliner

Most of the time, it is seen that a woman curl her lashes after applying eyeliner but it is a mistake. Curling of lashes should be done before applying eyeliner and mascara if we want an even shape for your eyelashes.

  •  Mistake 5. Eyeliner blending

For natural and non-dramatic finishing, we must blend eyeliner after applying it properly.

  • Mistake 6. Old or dried eyeliner

We must always use new and wet eyeliner in place of dry or old eyeliner.

  •  Mistake 7. The upper lining of eyes

We should firstly do lining to our upper waterline and afterward apply eyeliner. It is a perfect completing of eye makeup as the gap between eyelashes and eyeliner is filled.

  • Mistake 8- Wet liner on lower eyelashes

If we are using dry eyeliner that means it should be applied on the lower side of the eyes. The upper part requires the wet liner and lower requires dry for the perfect shape.