Etiquette Rules That People Break Without Even Realizing


Etiquette rules you should not break-Etiquettes! Since the beginning of time, we have all been taught about different etiquettes and have even been reminded over and over again to use them in our daily life. Right from our mothers to our teachers and also sometimes our relatives do not fail to warn us about some of the table manners that we overlook.

But what if I tell you that there are certain etiquettes that we do not even know that exists? We have been oblivious to them for a long enough time but not anymore because today I am going to unravel all those mannerisms that you have been neglecting all your life,

and those are the ones which are quite substantial. At the end of the article, there is also a little bonus for you in which I will tell about the uses of different glasses, a problem I know that we all have gone through. So without further ado here is the list:

Etiquette rules you should not break

Whom to let into the elevator first?

Etiquette rules you should not break

Now, there are a whole lot of people who think that letting a woman first into the elevator is a sign of gentlemanship, which I am not here to judge because if you do so, you are chivalrous. But the thing about elevators is that they are very dangerous, and so the strongest person should be the one to enter first. Now, ladies, I am not saying that you are not strong, and if you are stronger than that man then you go step into that elevator first.

Situations when you should say, “Bless you!”

In case you are surrounded by a group of your friends or family members and someone sneezes, it is okay to say “bless you!”. But when you are in a public setting or any other situation, you should pretend that you did not notice. A polite gesture would be just passing a tissue to the person and nothing more. Do not say “bless you!” to every individual that sneezes around you and do not repeat the phrase when the person sneezes again unless that person is your friend and you are trying to annoy the hell out of them.

Covering your mouth with your left hand while sneezing

You may think this to be vague but wait, for this does have a purpose. The right hand is often used for greeting everybody, and while at it you can pass some of your germs to the other person, that is why you should always use your left hand to cover your mouth when you sneeze because you do not want to be the reason that someone falls sick, do you?


Passing the pepper and salt together

The forbidden(*wnik* *wink*) etiquette rules say that you should not pass only one of them. So the next time when a person asks for salt, do not forget to hand them the pepper as well.

How to stir sugar?

You become so careful about the fact that the spoon does not hit the walls of the cup that you do not even realise that you are making a mistake. The next time you do not want to go in circles with your spoon rather work it back and forth. This process is much quieter than the one you use and will also help dissolve the sugar faster.

About time for the bonus, I promised you

  • 1,2- Champagne
  • 3- Red wine
  • 4- White wine
  • 5- Wine, port
  • 6- Liqueur
  • 7- Multilayered cocktails
  • 8- Mineral water
  • 9,10- Vodka
  • 11,12- Beer
  • 13,14- Soft drinks
  • 15-  Hot cocktails
  • 16- Martini
  • 17- Margarita
  • 18- Tropical cocktails
  • 19- Cognac
  • 20,21,22- Whiskey

Disclaimer- If you scrolled right to the bottom for the bonus then there are five years of bad luck waiting for you unless you reread the whole of the article. *chuckles*

Did you already know about the above list of etiquettes? If yes then stop lying. If no then quickly take note of these rules. Try to inculcate these mannerisms into your daily life and even make others aware of the existence of these rules. Also, did you know about all the different glasses? Tell me all about it in the comments.