Amazing alternative uses of aluminum foil that you previously didn’t know about.


Best uses of aluminum foil-Aluminium foil is one of the most common kitchen items that you would find almost in every household. It is known to keep the taste and texture of your food intact for a long period of time. But did you know that the simple aluminium foil can be put to some brilliant alternative uses too? We bet you didn’t!

You may be completely surprised after reading this article. Get ready to thank us later, for you are going to love these alternative uses of aluminium foil so much that you would not be able to wait to try them out!

Best uses of aluminum foil

1. It provides relief in case of muscle pain.

Best uses of aluminum foil

Tightly wrap aluminium foil around the affected area. Make sure that it is tight. Keep it in this way for about 8 to 12 hours. Repeat this for about 10-12 days and then take a break later.

2. Use it to calm burns

First of all, sterilize and cover the wound with a layer of gauze. Then wrap an aluminium foil over it. This will ease your pain and if the pain persists, consult a doctor.

3. Use it to refresh your puffy eyes.

Take small pieces of foil and refrigerate them for a few hours. Keeping these pieces under your eyes will get you rid of puffiness under your eyes.

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4.Getting rid of the sciatic pain

To get rid of the sciatic pain, wrap your feet in aluminium foil. If the problem persists, consult a doctor.

5. Relieves heels pain

Wrap a foil around your heels to get rid of the pain. If the situation is out of control, consult your doctor.

6. Helps in healing surgery scars.

Again, wrap the scar with foil to fasten the healing process.

7. Helps to get rid of cold.

Wrap your feet in foil and keep them like that for a few hours. Doing this for a couple of days will help you to treat your cold.

8. It eases out the process of ironing.

Ironing does remove maximum wrinkles from our clothes but there are times when you have to run your iron over your clothes repeatedly in order to get perfectly ironed clothes. In that case, place a long film of aluminium foil under the ironing board cover. This will iron your clothes from both the sides and thus ease the process for you.

9. Use it to easily move your furniture.

Now, this may sound a bit odd for you, but it does work. Place a piece of folded aluminium foil under the vertices of the furniture. Then it will become easy for you to slide and glide your furniture without having to lift it.

10. Clean utensils with it.

Use a piece of foil to clean your utensils. The friction caused by the foil cleans your dirty utensils easily and in no time!

11. Sharpen your scissors with it.

Simply cut aluminium foil repeatedly with scissors to sharpen them.

12. Prevent your silverware from tarnishing

Line the drawer of silverware with aluminium foil to protect your silverware.Alternatively, you can wrap your silverware in plastic and then layer them up with foil to keep them as they are forever!

13. Preserve your mirror.

You can hide any flaws that are present in your mirror with the help of foil. Just place pieces of aluminium foil on the back of the glass.