Best Way To Remove A Tick


Remove a tick-It seems that everyone has their way to remove the ticks from their skin. We are even ready to burn the ticks with a match on the surface and also prepared to suffocate them under the layer on the nail polish or petroleum jelly. It is more surprising that we also believe that the ticks will detach themselves if we swab the ticks with a soap-soaked cotton ball. If we use a spell on ticks, the effectiveness will be higher though experts are not sure about these methods.

Here we have found that there is only the one approved the safe technique and we decide to spread this information with all of you. We have also written a bonus section for those people who wonder why the above methods can be dangerous for your health.

If there is a tick attached somewhere to your body, then you should not panic. The first thing that you have to do is to remove the tick from your body promptly. From the Center, we got some short guidance for Diseases Control and Prevention.

  • You have to take fine-tipped tweezers and grasp the tick with the tweezer as close to the surface of your skin as possible.
  • Straight up the tweezers and slowly pull it up. You have to apply even pressure while pulling it up.
  • Make sure that the tick does not get twisted or jerk. Otherwise, its mouthparts will remain in your skin. If sometimes it happens then remove the parts by the tweezers.

  • After taking out the tick from your skin, clean off the bite spot completely and wash your hands by rubbing alcohol or soap.
  • After cleaning your hands, place the tick in alcohol in a sealed bag or a container, or you can also wrap it tightly with the tape.

Different types of diseases can get transmitted by the ticks. The diseases transmitted by ticks depend upon the place where you got the tick. So it is better to visit the doctor soon when you got bitten by the tick. Ask the doctor if any treatment is necessary for the bite. The doctor will decide the procedure according to the type of the tick, so it is always required to visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Bonus: These things you should not do when you remove a tick from the skin

There are a lot of different methods which get recommended on the internet. But almost all the ways can harm you rather than making good for you. We will not recommend any of these methods to remove the tick. According to an entomologist at the Cornell Entomology Department, Jody Gangloff- Kaufmann, these methods are not suitable for you to remove the tick. You should not remove the tick with the help of these methods.

  • Lit matches: In this method, you are trying to heat the tick. The heating up of a tick can make tick vomit back into the wound. And also your skin can get burned with a tick.
  • Vaseline or nail polish: You are using Vaseline or nail polish to suffocate the tick at its place on your skin. But if you use these substances in the area of your skin where the tick bites, it can lead to a deeper burrowing of the tick into your skin.
  • Soap-soaked cotton ball: It is a myth that if you swab the tick with a soap-soaked cotton ball, it will get removed by itself. The Tick Encounter Resource Center has checked this strategy of removing the tick. They reported that at the end of their checking, they were unable to remove a single tick. So this method is also a waste.

The above-explained methods are waste and can harm your skin. So you should avoid removing the tick by these methods.

Do have any other method in your mind to remove the tick from your skin which is not safe to use? You can share this article with your family and friends so that they can also remove the tick with the best method. If you know any other best way, then you can share with us in the comments below.