12 Cartoons That Capture The ‘Then And Now’ Quite Well


Cartoon characters then Vs now-Remember when we used to change the channel on a TV set with a knob? Time has evolved and with it, people have evolved more than ever. Has technology given us more comfort? Certainly so, but with the ever-increasing technology, people are losing the personal touch in everything, Meetings have been replaced by video calls, letters by texts, and jokes by memes. Are we losing ourselves as social animals to social-media likes?

Have a look at these 12 cartoons that depict time changes. Don’t feel alone if you feel nostalgic.

 I Know, Right?

 Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

A few years ago I would be so delighted to receive an email, but now I wish someone would write me a letter old way.

Know Their Fears

 Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

The tyrants always know how to suppress dissent.


Old School

 Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

In the old days, the children were given a hard talk by their parents for bad grades. Now, the teachers get the hard talk. Parents would never change!

Spot The Difference

Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

You say that nothing has changed!

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This is how we met and hanged-out

 Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

Before the smartphone, we used to glue as people. Now, we get glued to mobile screens



 Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

Even the latest technology must be feeling nostalgic.

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 Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

Smarter or Dainty?

Belly Hay, Belly Ho

 Cartoon Characters Then Vs Now

Did the gadgets dump all their fat in us?

The Levels of Society

Self Explanatory.


Building blocks

Books or buildings, what are the building blocks of a nation?


Even Cats Loved Old Days

Cat’s will always curse us for this.

It’s Not Always Been Bad For Our Health

When used in the right manner, technology can take us to the skies. Use technology to improve your health and not take on it.