Entrepreneurs of the recent times


Entrepreneurs of the recent times who changed their lives

Entrepreneurs of the recent times-Entrepreneur, a term which is known by many but only a few who can truly understand. Startup with a decent idea is not always enough if the person behind it is not willing to work harder than he or she ever expected.

So here in this article, we are going to look into stories of some amazing people who changed their lives by pushing themselves beyond their limits.

Firstly we have Eyal Yassky of Israel, founder of the portable patent device called Hilico which collects rainwater. He was initially a disaster relief responder, so the idea behind the product was the result of the need for it. After hiring an engineer from Israel, Eyal Yassky realized that his product in demand has a place on the market.

Next, on our list, we have Diana Yousef of the United States. The product she brought into the market was an utterly portable toilet for everyone to use. It is the first toilet that functions without any pipes and water.

She was initially a consultant of NASA before she gave a mother of two daughters. Back then she was researching how to repurpose human waste into the usable water. After becoming a mother, she capitalized on her research which finally led to this product named iThrone.

Then we have Mr. Pawel Soluch of Poland. He is working on a headset that uses electrical simulations to help people with speech disorders to have a healthy life. Formerly he worked at a university hospital and during his time there, he was deeply moved by the difficulties faced by people with Aphasia. It is already in its last stages of clinical tests, so hopefully, we will see such a device on the market soon.

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Fourthly we have a product called LiMiX from Francesco Pezzuoli of Italy. Together with Dario Corona Francesco developed a glove-like device that is capable of translating the Italian Sign Language into a speech. This device gives a voice to the deaf while translating sign language into actual words but the user will need a  simulator on a smartphone for this to work.

Lastly, we have Cemal Ezel, who was named Lloyds Bank social entrepreneur of the year in 2017. Homeless people living on the streets is never a pretty view, and this is what led Camel Ezel to think outside the box and make a better living for anyone.

She became the founder of the organization change please which trained homeless people to run different coffee outlets for Change, please. Now ten days after working with Change please, these homeless people were provided housing, bank accounts a were paid the national living wage from Change, please.

Change please has now also a contract with Transport for London, which now allows them to extend their services to railway stations.