9 Best Ways To Find If Someone Entered Your House


Find if someone entered your house-Well, you are not always aware if someone is taking the real advantage from you but in return, they prove that you are a fool. Here, we are with one example to demonstrate the same. A man was living in someone’s house from the past six months on the second floor. And now the police has eventually arrested him for that. The man did not involve himself in hiding much but the ninety years old man did not notice that he was living there. The man used to leave his shoes by the door. And the son finally found that who was he.

Of course, we can conclusively say one thing, and that is these conditions happen rarely. It is hard to imagine that someone was living in your home when you are out for a vacation or the business trip. The article is for those who believe that someone might have surely visited their house in their absence.

Here Are Some Of The 9 Best Ways To Find If Someone Entered Your House

A thread in front of the door.

9 Best Ways To Find If Someone Entered Your House

It is one of the simplest ways to find if someone entered your house. You need to attach the thin thread in the front gate of your house. It should be as if someone could not notice its presence. If someone opens the door, then the thread will break down. It would be difficult for you to leave the apartment by yourself. Hence it is the trick to be careful not to ruin your apartment. The only way is to ensure that the door opens inside.


Put one glass full of beads in front of the entrance of the house because it will get knocked when the door will open by someone. The entry must open to the room. The guest will pick up the beads fallen by him and hence it is up to you that you should count them and know the right place where you kept it.

A cookie under the mat

The best way to find the unknown guest in your home is to leave the cookie under the mat. If someone would visit your place, then he will surely place his foot on the wafer, and hence it will crack out. It will get crushed without noticing the breakage.

A before and after photograph

Well, with the sharp brain modern technology can even help you find out the unknown guest to your house. Your camera will help you track the mysterious visitor. But if you suspect that someone checks your cabinets, then you can take a before a photograph of them before you leave. Now after your return back you can compare the before and after looks of the cabinet.

The noise recording app.

People usually use the old smartphone that is of no use anymore. For that, you must install the sound recording application or then hide the device in the hall. The method is useful if you leave the house empty for a short time. It is because a gadget will require the charging point.

Colorless paint

Clean the doorknob and then spray the colorless paint on it. Leave the apartment without touching the knob, and then you can catch the visitor red-handed because he will inevitably affect the doorknob of the house and hence leave his fingerprints on it. Use the ultraviolet light to see the prints.

A glass of water

Leave a glass of water on the door before leaving. When the door opens, the water will get spread on the doormat. The mat will get dry in the few hours, and hence the method can get used if you will leave the house for the few hours.

The baby monitor

It might be expensive for you to get a hidden camera. But you can use the baby monitor to see the unwanted things happening in your house. You need to hide it in the hall and can see the apartment of your neighbors from a different room.

Changing locks

If you suspect someone is visiting your house, then you can change the lock of the door. It is a magical solution to your problem which is easy to perform even.